Saturday, November 14, 2009

What this blog is about

I thought I would start a blog of my own that could maybe show that there is another side to Bayview, one that is often missed. This is for the folks who are tired of the fighting and maybe somehow we can manage to manage our town or burg as some would say in a more sensible way.

There are a few of us here in Bayview who are thinking that maybe just maybe it is time to start a Chamber of Commerce for those of us who want to see Bayview start thriving again, a Chamber that will support the businesses! What a concept! Those of us who want to go back to work, after all many of us are the ones who have kept the town running to begin with.

I invite you to post comments here and maybe we can start accomplishing something positive.
This blog is for the Charlie's, the Dave's, the Hans' and all of those who have worked and played on "The other side of Bayview."

Norma Jean