Friday, May 30, 2014

Helicopter Flights

I don’t know about anybody else but I am getting really tired of some of the events happening lately in Bayview. I used to work for a certain marina owner and you will notice I said used to. The best day of my life was the day after I walked out of the Marina Office. There are folks here in Bayview that are scared to death of this particular Marina owner. Guess what so am I!

I am however going to speak my mind about the helicopter rides that are going to be held here in Bayview. I don’t want to listen to a helicopter flying around the burg. I feel that this is dangerous in many ways. The area is too close to buildings and vehicles. Children could be hurt with flying debris and I will bet you that a damaged vehicle is going to bring a lawsuit.

So any of you out there that aren’t happy about the “event” please start protesting.
Sign my facebook page, make comments here if you would like. Speak up.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Memorial Day Breakfast!!!!

We all have a lot of fun with the Breakfast Events, please come and share good food and friendships that have lasted. Everyone is welcome!
Norma Jean and Dean

Chamber Agenda for 5/13/2014


Bayview Chamber of Commerce

13. May.2014

1. Opening:

a. Call to order at 7:00pm

b. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

            c. Welcome members and guests

            e. Approval of Minutes from previous meeting (8.April.14)

            d. Approval of current Agenda

2. Speaker:

            Alan Griffitts, Director of the Naval Acoustical Research Detachment.

3. Announcements and Correspondence:

            a. Members input.

4. Reports:

a. Treasures report-Ken Saunders.

b. Bayview Park and Farragut Communications-Chuck Murray.

c.  Citizens Emergency Response Group & No Wake Zone-Chuck Waller.

d. DAC-Tom Lloyd

e. Fisheries-Tom Lloyd

1) Committees:

            1a) Raffle-Bruce & Judy Robinsons/Sue Damon (mainly Christmas).

            1b) Speakers-Tom Lloyd/Dennis Damon.

            1c) Breakfasts-Norma Jean Knowles – set up meetings in regards to breakfasts.

            1d) Easter Egg Hunt -Marsha Ritzheimer.
                        1e) Bayview Daze-Marsha Ritzheimer                                                                         
                        1f) Cell Tower-Ted and Faye Bare.

5. Business
a. Old business

1) None at this time.

b. New business

1) None at this time.

6. Chamber activities

            Dennis Link – 1 Gift certificate to be given.

            Memorial Breakfast-26.May.2014 @ 8:00 – 11:00am

            Bayview Daze-5.July.2014 (Street Parade/Boat Parade/Fireworks)