Saturday, February 26, 2011


It is amazing I have received two comments made to me personally in the last 24 hours concerning my blog. I did not think anyone was reading my posts.

Please excuse me for not communicating more regularly I am currently juggling my new job, home, and my college course.

These past few days I have been getting up at 2:30 am to complete some class work in my college course and of course get ready for work. I made the choice of leaving really early because frankly I wanted to be to work on time and the roads have been less than easy to drive. I have manged to be at my desk in time to log in to my computer with time to spare and have arrived unscathed. The beauty of being at work early, virtually no one is on the roads at the time I travel. The other joy, there is relatively less traffic when I start my journey back home.

I thought when I first started this blog that I would or could write about my personal political beliefs. I have decided that I do not have the writing skills nor the desire to venture into territory that I do not like anyway. As a former bartender I know there are two subjects to steer clear of - religion and politics. I am invoking my experience as a bartender.

The last two years have been serious years. I need light heartedness and as previously stated a time to step back. I am moving forward in a positive fashion. I hope that my previous defection will be over-looked and I can once again regain a positive part of Bayview.

Those of us at my new place of employment who trudged through our 3 weeks of training and 1 week of "jump-start" are now being allowed to swim on our own. I still find the positive atmosphere uplifting where I now work. Most folks are happy. I still am amazed that I am encouraged to use my customer service skills being encouraged to "delight" our customers. Calls may last 10 minutes or if need be an hour. We are encouraged to take care of our customers needs without fear of repercussions. What a concept!

I am unsure of the status of Bayview Days and you know this year I may be able to sit this one out. I may actually be able to enjoy the fireworks on the lawn of Bayview Scenic. There is some speculation concerning just where the vendors will be or if there even will be vendors. I and a few others would not miss the insanity that the vendors bring to the Saturday of Bayview Days. Maybe this is a concept whose time has past. We have heard about the amount of volunteer hours that are required to pull this event off and I cannot help but wonder if we as a community actually had to pay for the work that goes into making this function work would we even agree to hosting the function. Food for thought.

I thank all of you who do read my blog. And I thank you for your comments to me personally.

I just want to have some fun and enjoy life.

God bless you all because He has blessed us. (OOPS! I veered off into a forbidden subject, lol)

Norma Jean

Friday, February 11, 2011

Pats on the Back

I picked up the Bylines or rather the newsletter was emailed to me. I always read the paper each month, never knowing what will be written there. On page four was an article posted about the fundraiser held at an Athol B & B to help the local family in Bayview that was attacked by their neighbor. After I read the article I got to thinking what a nice pat on the back for themselves. The fundraiser was needed and all were thankful for the donations collected but left out were those who flew into action right after the incident.

The incident occurred on December 19th just before we were to fly out and visit family in Virginia for the Christmas holiday. I followed the news on the Internet and via Herb's blog Thanks Herb. By the time I returned I was kind of in the loop.

While we were gone two of Bayviews finest mobilized and placed collection cans around the Bayview and Athol area. They were able to bring cash to the family just before Christmas because of the generous folks that live in our area. A lady stepped up to the plate and contacted WellsFargo in Hayden to set up a bank account for the cash donations that were coming in. A gentleman living near the Wallis family drove down to St Vincent de Pauls and got a voucher for them to use in the store, the Wallis family needed better clothing for court appearances. The community became aware that the family couch still had blood from the incident on it and the carpeting. Not a kind reminder to see on a daily basis and the community of Bayview donated a very nice couch. A need to get Yvonne's car brakes fixed was discovered. Yvonne's neighbor also contacted Victory Auto Parts, Rudy agreed to sell parts at cost so the brakes could be fixed. This neighbor went further and gathered donations for the brake repair, and a donation arrived from a float home owner who lives in England! Eldon at Mr. Tire did the brake work at no charge. Snow tires were found for Yvonne's car. The community of Bayview also located new pajamas for Yvonne, and two robes. Someone left a gas card for them at her home while she was gone. The cans placed around the businesses have been picked up and the money deposited in the bank account for Yvonne and Mike.

I have always known that Bayview was a wonderful place to live, the caring that this community has shown Yvonne Wallis and Michael Heath is phenomenal. I believe in the concept of "paying forward" kindness. This effort was done in the true spirit of Pay It Forward.
Thanks to everyone for their help.

All of you are awesome, especially Vic, Herb, and Judy.

God bless.


I was going to write a post and say exactly what was on my mind because no one is reading my blog anyway, lo and behold one of my readers posted a comment so I guess I need to change my tactics.

About a month after I left my previous employment I felt as though I had walked through a door and could finally see. I would like to compare my experience to PTSD but feel that would somehow lessen the seriousness of the disorder that our warriors experience upon rotation back to the "real world."  Since my son-in-law is a retired warrior I have respect for his feelings.

But I keep going back to the thought of how stressed I really was, I am amazed that I stayed with the job as long as I did. I am also amazed that I actually feel like myself again.

I started a new job which is unfortunately in Coeur d' Alene but you know what it is a job. I have had intense training for the past two weeks with folks from all walks of life but all have one thing in common, they needed a job just like me! There are twenty four of us. Young, middle age, and then us older folks trying to learn new skills. All of us are there to help each other. One young man named Garrick looked at me sincerely and said you will be fine Norma Jean, encouragement that I have not experienced in the last two years.

My place of employment encourages "world class customer service." Well when that was said I almost fell out of my chair. Customer service I must in the right place because that is a concept that I have held near and dear to heart for many years.

Next week we go into another phase of training and after the next week we are in another program for two weeks of training. This equals five weeks of intense training and why so much training, well my new organization wants me to succeed. If I am successful, then they are too!

How am I doing in my new job? I have people around who care about me as a person, I receive encouragement, I like all of the people I work with, when I come home my job stays in Coeur d' Alene, I have no problem with ethical issues, and who could ask for more?

Tell we meet again!
Norma Jean

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Bay Cafe

Last Tuesday the Cafe hosted its All You Can Eat Spaghetti Night. Seems Dean had a record number this time, 29 people came to enjoy the meal, he came close to running out of food. Folks gathered to listen to Judy Gullidge sing and play her guitar. Carol did the best she could to help serve with her broken arm. The dinner lasts from 4pm-7pm.

March 1st, 2011 another Spaghetti Meal will be hosted at The Cafe'. Come and enjoy a dinner that features live entertainment.

I had a great meal and enjoyable conversation with local friends! What delightful way to spend an evening in Bayview.

New Job

I started training for a new position that requires commuting to Coeur d' Alene this past week. Frankly I was very grateful to finally land a position that pays fairly well for North Idaho standards. Last night I came home to discover how delightful it can be to return and know that my job has been left in Coeur d' Alene and did not follow me home, as it has in the past. My training period lasts two weeks, what a delight, an organization that takes the time to train employees.

The company I work for is an outsource organization. When outsourcing first started in the 80's jobs were sent overseas. Economically an outcry was heard concerning the unfairness of this new way of doing business. Outsourcing meant losing jobs in the United States. One of the first papers I wrote while pursuing higher education dealt with this new way of doing business. Welcome to the world of the Internet.

But this business is different, the outsourcing is for organizations within the United States, organizations that wish to be more productive and profitable. My new organization provides many jobs for the local economy. I drive from Bayview and several other trainees come from the Spokane area.

I am grateful to have found employment.