Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bayview Water and Sewer

Unfortunately I was busy at work while the Bayview Water and Sewer Meeting was happening, so I missed all of the fun that we manage to create here in Bayview.

PS Rose was busy at work too!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bayview Chamber of Commerce and other stuff

Last night was the Chamber meeting. All seemed to go well unitl Chuck Waller stood up and made an announcement about the coming rate hike. Folks wanted to ask questions and were told that any questions needed to be asked at the Water Board meeting. I could not help but wonder just why the announcment even came up at the Chamber meeting if we were not allowed to ask questions, hmm. Still makes me scratch my head in wonder. A couple of folks in the audience were not willing to accept that answer and the crowd started reminding me of Chamber meetings in the past. I know the Bylaws were re-written this year and I thought that the "Member at Large" was supposed to maintain order, but I guess that only is in some instances.

Anyway there is a meeting being held Tuesday at the Bayview Water and Sewer building, course the meeting is at 3:30 which leaves out any of us who are working. "Good ole Boys"?

Still do not understand why Bob Holland name is mentioned. I think a few in the community need to let go of the past and move forward. And who is responsible for carrying grudges?

We also listened to the local fisheries report. The lake level this year will be at 2051 but really needs to be at 2055 because guess what? we have more Kokanee spawning. I still say and will continue to say that Mother Nature gets aggravated when we mess with her. It is not nice to mess with her. Sooo we will be planting eggs in streams to compensate. More head scratching from me. We get the bed of the lake cleaned up, the Kokanee start producing more, and now we are messing with them again.

But what really thrilled me was the presentation of the new proposed improvements to the Community Center, understand of course that the Community Center may have a shortfall in funds and just who is going to support this new project? Do we really expect businesses to come to Bayview and rent the Community Center? More head scratching on my part.

The welcome mat coming into Bayview was rolled up and put away. Has a feasability study been undertaken to find out whether renting the Center is even possible. A turkey fryer to purchase? Come on guys, you all did not want anybody coming to town and changing things and who is doing the changing now?