Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lights Off in Bayivew

Recently I posted a letter or notice that will appear in the Bylines concerning the seven streetlights that the Chamber currently pays. Since the Chamber is the sole entity paying for the street lights the organization has decided to turn the lights off. The cost is prohibitive and another local entity has decided to host the street fair again, a source of funds for the Chamber. Last year several folks around town to include myself donated funds to keep the street lights on. The Chamber cannot fund the lights and frankly needs help.

If you are concerned about the lights being turned off please come to the next Chamber meeting.

Since the Chamber could not locate an appropriate location for the street fair, Scenic Bay will again be hosting this event. Scenic Bay was successful getting Marietta closed so the organization can host the event. Of course the funds collected go directly to Scenic Bay and JD's Resort.

Lakes Highway decided on Monday that further review would be needed for the easement rquest that Scenic Bay had made. The easement would allow Scenic Bay to apply for a liquor license for The Buttonhook Inn. Currently The Hook is without a liqour license.

I will provide further updates on this issue as well as infomration on any pending meetings. This issue is not straight forward and is rather complex.

Here is to more snow in Bayview and hopefully Spring is around the corner!

Norma Jean

Friday, February 24, 2012

Darkness in Bayview

Just an announcement concerning the streetlights:

Pledge $$ for Streetlights

Individuals, businesses or organizations can pledge a donation to maintain streetlights in Bayview. 
If you want streetlights at the major intersections of town, please pledge your financial support with donations made directly to the Chamber or encourage other organizations to sponsor one or more lights.  Without your support these lights will be gone.

Kootenai Electric has agreed to temporarily disconnect the seven (7) streetlights in Bayview that are paid for by the Bayview Chamber of Commerce, and leave the fixtures in place while we attempt to secure funding. 

These streetlights will be turned off within the next month until adequate funding is obtained, or until this fall.  We must obtain a reliable annual funding source of about $1500 per year ($215/light/year) to maintain these streetlights.  The Chamber presently depends on donations to pay for these lights.  Current donations are not meeting the cost of this service.  Our hope is that enough community members will discover the value of streetlights and provide adequate funding to reconnect these lights and continue the service indefinitely.  Should funding not be received by Labor Day, it is the Chamber’s intent to leave them off and terminate all interest in these streetlights.

These lights are located:  1) Perimeter Rd at Spruce, 2) Perimeter Rd at Cape Horn Rd, 3) Main Ave at Pier Rd, 4) Pier Rd at Marietta Rd, 5) Pier Rd Near Lime Kiln Rd, 6) Main Ave at 6th St, 7) Main Ave at 5th St.

Your pledges and donations should be sent to:

Bayview Chamber of Commerce

POBox 121

Bayview, ID 83803

Friday, February 17, 2012

Bayview Daze

The Chamber needs help with Bayview Daze. The cost of insurance is going up for the firework display.
Looks like Scenic Bay and JD's Resort will be hosting the street fair.
Please contact the Chamber if you would so graciously help make this year's celebration a success.

As Always,

Norma Jean

Lakes Highway Meeting 2/20/2012

On February 20, 2012 at 5:45 pm, there will be a hearing at Lakes Highway Office concerning the proposed easement that JD’s Resort is requesting.  This easement will go from the  SE corner of the Buttonhook property at Fifth and connect with Harborview.

For those of you who can please attend this important meeting.  I personally am not in support of this proposed easement.

It is my understanding that Lakes Highway approved the request made by JD Resort INC to close Marrietta Avenue.


 Norma Jean