Thursday, January 22, 2015

More Photos From Contest

See you next year!

Photos from Contest

Eagle Contest Photos

The Chamber had several folks that submitted pictures, Ralph Jones, Maury Weise, Patti Smith, Marg Vogt, Michael Despot, Chuck Murray (against his wishes) and Norma Jean. For me this was a long learning process. Mark Vogt told me that it costs nothing to push the button on the camera, and photos that don't meet you standards can be easily deleted. Soo with me I had lots of deletions!

                                          This is the first place winner Mark Vogt.

Second place winner was Mark Vogt
Third place was Michael Despot

Monday, January 5, 2015

Mario and LOU combined pre-Thanksgiving Dinner

(I did not get this posted)

On November 26, 2014 Mario's and LOU joined forces to give the Bayview Community a free meal. We, Dean and I, were pleased to be a part of the function. And the function went very well. If you missed we are sorry that you did not partake in this opportunity to bring the Bayview Community together with one of our local businesses. As Jackie Lloyd said in her thank you note:

"Mario and family, on behalf of the community, thanks for hosting a wonderful  Thanksgiving Event.  The turnout was terrific, the camaraderie and warmth spectacular and of course the food!!!!


Thanks again and thanks to all of the Mario's and LOU's helpers."

LOU Menu for January 2015

Here is the menu for this month. Come enjoy some time for fellowship with your neighbors. We all have fun and everyone seems to help make this a success. Many thanks as always to Jackie and her crew for their devotion to this wonderful weekly function. If you want to help call                       Jackie at 683-1680 or email her

January 7th      A variety of sausages, rolls and sweet & sour cabbage

January 14th    Norma Jean’s chicken enchiladas

January 21st    Baked Ham and Scalloped Potatoes

January 28th    Casserole buffet

The new flooring is down in the Center and the addition is finished thanks to the contribution and help provided by Gary MacDonald and his crew of workers. Thank you MacDonald's Hudson Bay.

Long lost ...

All of sudden I look around and realize that I have not contributed to my blog. Hmmm, am I lazy nope just think I get too many projects going at once!
Today is a great example, got up, took my shower and got ready to ready on my stained glass project. Dean started playing with the four wheeler and all of the snow. The longer he was gone the more I worried!
To say we got a lot of snow is put thing mildly, what created issues is the rain that has followed. As usual float homes are listing, a boat shed collapsed.
Phone call from a friend, search for specific books at Amazon, and the a walk down to the Apartments because I wanted to make sure all was well down there. Decision to locate someone who has a bigger plow, now I look around and the day is getting darker and I feel like I have not accomplished anything!
So I guess that is how the month of December went … I did have some glorious days of walking with camera in hand and hunting for that perfect “eagle picture”. I have made headway on my stained glass project, kept my head above water. Sometimes it seems that we have not accomplished a great deal but then we sit back and have to say maybe we did better than we thought!

Norma Jean