Friday, February 28, 2014

Frogmore Stew and Arizona

Jackie and Tom are now winging their way to their vacation, some time will be spent in Hawaii. We all hope they have a fantastic time. Dennis and Sue should be back soon from their trip. I was so jealous when I saw a posting on Facebook for “Frogmore Stew”. One summer in Savannah Georgia all of the neighbors got together for some Frogmore Stew and shared fun. Our apartment buildings had a common back yard, the kids could run back and forth, we were all able to access our apartments while we were cooking and oh man was that stew great. We loved Frogmore Stew so much we decided to have an oyster roast as well but that is a different tale along with Dean trying to make pralines, and Lucas with the frogs.

Dean and I are preparing for a road trip to Colorado to see Lucas, my brother Joe in Arizona, a dear friend in Nevada, and hopefully the guys who own the Motel/Apartments in SLC. I have not taken a long road trip in a while.

Road trips for us have always been traveling in a red Volvo with four kids and one little dog. We were usually moving one way or another as we geared up for another change in duty station. I learned to enjoy flying at a young age and still would prefer that mode of travel. What the heck we have a Prius now, so this is probably the least expense way for us.  

I will take notes and share anything I find of interest. Maybe share when we get back.


Norma Jean

Ethics and giving credit where credit is due!

I remember going through my college years and learning the definition of plagiarism. Plagiarism is a pretty serious offense especially while completing one’s Master Degree which I have done in the not so distant past. To copy someone else words and not give credit where credit is due is a pretty serious offense. Writing was a constant demand of my classes. Ethics is subject matter that is also taught and a value that needs to be retained throughout life.

The Internet has opened the World to us in ways never imagined in years past but with that freedom has also come the temptation to use what others have produced, such as articles, photography, and thoughts. With this massive amount of information in front of us, it is easy to say who will notice? What is the harm? Seems kind of minor in my view, or so you think.

Usually if one takes the time to ask if I can use this article, the writer is willing as long as that author is recognized. I have been reading articles lately for the Bylines and contacted a gentleman about some of his camping articles. When asked if I could use one of his articles he said “absolutely”!  “Please share my words.” There is a lesson there; if you ask most folks don’t mind, just give them the credit they deserve.
Norma Jean

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ken and Marilyn

Just got a quick note from Marilyn in my email. Ken is doing very well and should back home tomorrow, 2/7/2014. Marilyn stated that his color is much better and Ken is in good spirits.

Marilyn also wanted to thank all that have expressed concern and caring for both of them.
Everything is covered for them until their son returns home. At that time Ken and Marilyn may need some help getting back and forth to town for Dr.'s appointments and groceries.

Marilyn writes:

"Thank you, thank you for being such kind and caring friends.

Marilyn for Ken too!"