Sunday, November 30, 2014

Eagle Picture Taking Contest

Do you have an outstanding picture of an eagle that you took this year 2014? Well read this poster...

Saturday, November 29, 2014

BAB Chistmas Bazaar

Staying with the theme of supporting locally, here is the poster for BAB's Annual Bazaar.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Support Local Businesses

I posted in the Bylines suggestions for possible places to get Christmas presents which will help support the local economy. In the Bylines there are many advertisers and I thank them! While I love the support they have shown the Bylines so we can keep publishing, the reason they advertise (shock!) is to get more business, make money, spend money in our economy, and just makes sense economically to support those businesses that help you the Bylines readers. (I don't think this is trickle-down economy, but could be).

Lopez Leathers has made several nice items for me. Leather dog leashes, leather dog collars, a couple of belts, and a couple of special phone holders when I worked at the other Marina. Bill is fair in price, he does excellent work, and just an all around nice guy! His number is 683-4211. Or maybe a gift certificate to Mario's Restaurant 683-1002? How about a gift massage at Country Clinical Massage with Emily 208-755-6351? Or Deralee at Painted Pony Nails 208-661-5999, how about Charmaine, 208-683-5555? Look through the Bylines you never know what you can find!

P.S. I still have that German Dining Room Cabinet!

Spaghetti Night at Marios

Monday night is spaghetti night at Mario's! Maybe start a new tradition and meet at Mario's. All you can eat Spaghetti plus on fountain drink for $7.49, warm you tummy (cause it is going to be cold) and your heart. Thank you Mario.

Mario is also taking orders for Tamales, a holiday tradition for dozen tamales sold Mario will be donating $3.00 to our local school! Great cause, good food, who can ask for more?

Bayview Bald Eagles

Don't know about anyone else but I have seen at least two eagles in the last two days. I think it would be safe to assume that our eagle population is returning. Let everyone know about this event. Eagle spotting can be great for our local businesses. Send photos to or post your photos to facebook. Celebrate what makes Bayview special!
This is one of the great photos Chuck Murray took last year. Thank you Chuck!

Many Blessings and as Marsha says Look Up!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Free Pre Thanksgiving Dinner

Mario's Mexican Restaurant and LOU are combining efforts to bring a free early Thanksgiving Dinner to Bayview. ANYONE is invited to attend. Thank you Mario and your family for giving so generously to the Bayview Community.

November LOU

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mario's Halloween Party

Mario is sponsoring a Halloween Party on October 31st. Mario is trying to be a strong member of this community, come out and support him and his family. I for one am grateful for his business.

Dean will be passing out candy on Halloween, stop by our house on Robin Lane!

Community Council Bonfire!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Back to "The Green Thing"

As some of you know and some who don't know I have been using Shaklee products since the early 1970's. Shaklee was green before the term became popular and we live in a home that is about as chemical free as I can make it. We use everything from the shampoos, to laundry detergent, to deodorant, to soy products, to food supplements. While both of us are not completely issue free, I can honestly say that I do not use any medications.

Shaklee has some honest to goodness, down right decent products and two newest products in their line of supplements are "Mindworks" and "Blood Pressure". All Shaklee products go through rigorous testing, the products are organic, and you can find a list of studies on the Shaklee website. Supplements are cold processed, which means the good stuff is still intact, and the ingredients for the supplements are grown certified organic. (I am blessed to have the Internet for my reading and research. Organic foods contain more vitamins and no chemicals which essentially is better for us, There are those who are now asking why labeling products organic causes the cost to go up, why can't we charge more for the products that are chemically enhanced? It is a puzzlement to me.)

Anyway I do have a website, I do have customers and I have used the products for over 43 years. If anyone is interested give me a call. 208-683-1980 or use my website
Give me call!

Norma Jean


I pulled my famous disappearing act again and have neglected my BlogSpot. I think I should be shot!
I have been wondering if I need to close this site down because at one point it seemed the only postings I managed were announcements for coming events. Naw, I am not ready to abandon ship yet.

Summer seems to have so many activities going on at once, there are times I am not so sure I have enough time in a day.. but then there is always tomorrow.

I don't have any political pratting to do, my life is farily sane, the dogs are fine, the cats ornery, all kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids healthy and happy, so Life is Good!

Bayview Scenic had a decent year, the Apartments filled up at the end of summer, all RV-ers are coming back next summer. The property was beautiful this year and I have probably the best renters ever.

Coming up on the activities calendar of course is the Chamber Meeting on October 14th at 7:00 pm, please come, all are welcome. We need you as much as you need us.

The Community Council is having their annual Bonfire gathering at the Community Center Gardens on Thursday October 23rd at 5:30 pm. Bring your lawn chair, there will be hot dogs, hot chocolate, s'mores, and hot cider. Enjoy the last of the crisp fall weather with great companionship!

Don't forget about Mario's, he is doing an all you can eat spaghetti night for $7.49 on Mondays. Mario is quickly becoming a real asset to our community, as is Tim and Debby at the Merc.

I am still working on my stained glass project, the big one of course right now is for my daughter and I have also picked up another project that I will actually get money for completing. Woo, Woo. It seems each project I do I learn something new and the window for my daughter has been a real learning curve.

Have a blessed Sunday and a wonderful week.

Norma Jean

"The Green Thing"

I have seen this article before. I grew up saving paper bags, newspapers, having glass bottle jars. I remember outhouses simply because my grandparents had one, and I had a friend that lived on a farm in rural Maryland. I remember chamber pots too. I was thinking the other day just how much plastic we use today, pretty amazing. I also used cloth diapers, mainly because my children were allergic to disposable, that should have told us something then. And when babies were out of diapers we had amazing cleaning cloths.  Plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic bottle caps, plastic for our diary, plastic bags, clothes made out of recycled plastic. I saved my Dad's old razor, wish I still had his lathering brush.

Maybe this not be termed "the green thing" but instead going back to our roots! Thought I would share.

Steven Krueger with Molly Day
Checking out at the store, the young cashier suggested to the much older lady that she should bring her own grocery bags, because plastic bags are not good for the environment.
The woman apologized to the young girl and explained, "We didn't have this 'green thing' back in my earlier days."
The young clerk responded, "That's our problem today. Your generation did not care enough to save our environment for future generations."
The older lady said that she was right -- our generation didn't have the "green thing" in its day. The older lady went on to explain:
Back then, we returned milk bottles, soda bottles and beer bottles to the store. The store sent them back to the plant to be washed and sterilized and refilled, so it could use the same bottles over and over. So they really were recycled. But we didn't have the "green thing" back in our day.
Grocery stores bagged our groceries in brown paper bags that we reused for numerous things. Most memorable besides household garbage bags was the use of brown paper bags as book covers for our school books. This was to ensure that public property (the books provided for our use by the school) was not defaced by our scribbling. Then we were able to personalize our books on the brown paper bags. But, too bad we didn't do the "green thing" back then.
We walked up stairs because we didn't have an escalator in every store and office building. We walked to the grocery store and didn't climb into a 300-horsepower machine every time we had to go two blocks.
But she was right. We didn't have the "green thing" in our day.
Back then we washed the baby's diapers because we didn't have the throw away kind. We dried clothes on a line, not in an energy-gobbling machine burning up 220volts. Wind and solar power really did dry our clothes back in our early days. Kids got hand-me-down clothes from their brothers or sisters, not always brand-new clothing.
But that young lady is right; we didn't have the "green thing" back in our day.
Back then we had one TV, or radio, in the house -- not a TV in every room. And the TV had a small screen the size of a handkerchief(remember them?), not a screen the size of the state of Montana. In the kitchen we blended and stirred by hand because we didn't have electric machines to do everything for us. When we packaged a fragile item to send in the mail, we used wadded up old newspapers to cushion it, not Styrofoam or plastic bubble wrap. Back then, we didn't fire up an engine and burn gasoline just to cut the lawn. We used a push mower that ran on human power. We exercised by working so we didn't need to go to a health club to run on treadmills that operate on electricity.
But she's right; we didn't have the "green thing" back then.
We drank from a fountain when we were thirsty instead of using a cup or a plastic bottle every time we had a drink of water. We refilled writing pens with ink instead of buying a new pen, and we replaced the razor blade in a razor instead of throwing away the whole razor just because the blade got dull.
But we didn't have the "green thing" back then.
Back then, people took the streetcar or a bus and kids rode their bikes to school or walked instead of turning their moms into a 24-hour taxi service in the family's $45,000 SUV or van, which cost what a whole house did before the "green thing." We had one electrical outlet in a room, not an entire bank of sockets to power a dozen appliances. And we didn't need a computerized gadget to receive a signal beamed from satellites 23,000 miles out in space in order to find the nearest burger joint.
But isn't it sad the current generation laments how wasteful we old folks were just because we didn't have the "green thing" back then?
Please forward this on to another selfish old person who needs a lesson in conservation from a smart ass young person.
We don't like being old in the first place, so it doesn't take much to really piss us off... especially from a tattooed, multiple pierced smart-ass who can't make change without the cash register telling them how much.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Christmas 50/50 Raffle

Needless to say I am catching up on stuff!

Norma Jean and Dean's Excellent Yard Sale

Norma Jean and Dean will have a yard sale too. Unusual items for sale: German Dining Room Schrank, 4 small 1950 refrigerators suitable to convert to smokers or maybe beer keg coolers. Several handmade stained glass sun catchers, heart shape (Christmas?)
Dates will be August 29th and 30th 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
34417 Robin Lane
Bayview, ID


Labor Day Weekend Yard Sale Bayview wide...


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Robin Williams

I have been reading and following the many remembrances people have from around the world and Robin Williams. There is no way I could possibly do justice to the man and the way he entertained us all for so many years. Robin was a couple of months younger than myself, I remember “Good Morning Vietnam” and “Mork & Mindy. Those remembrances are of the early days of Robin's career. He went to give us all so much of himself.

I can empathize with Robin because I am a recovering alcoholic, I have in my lifetime dealt with depression. But I don’t think my pain was anywhere close to what Robin was feeling. I just wish that we all could have hugged him enough to let him know what a truly awesome person he was. His love can be seen in his face as I go through pictures that are posted of him.

Robin your death has such an impact on us all. We mourn you and regret that no one really understood the anguish you were experiencing.
As someone wrote now you are making God laugh. I hope that God holds you tight in his arms. You were a gift to us all and we will miss you Robin.

Robin's death has brought attention to those who are suffering from depression.

(Photo from Getty Images)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Parade Winners

I will bring the ribbons to the Chamber meeting August 12, 2014.

1st  Place        American Legion Color Guard
2nd Place        Mounted Sheriff Posse
3rd Place         Disabled American Veterans & Auxilary
1st  Place        Sweet Delights Alpaca Farm
2nd Place        Donna French and Grandkids
3rd  Place        Llama Carts
1st  Place        American Kiddie Express
2nd Place        Kids Crazy for our Country
3rd  Place        No-Jen-Si (Steve Smith)
1st  Place          BAB'S 
2nd Place          Timberlake Fire Department
3rd  Place          Collecting for the Fireworks (Bob Prince, Jamie Berube, Alex Berube, Baylee Martin)
1st  Place           Bayview Woody Club
2nd Place           Ralph's Cafe ( Jim and Patty Go Cart)
3rd  Place           Log Spirit Bed & Breakfast
1st  Place         Military Officer Association
2nd Place         Casting for Recovery- Breast Cancer Survivors
3rd  Place         Gem State Cooties
1st  Place         Gray's Concoction (Rick & Jodi Gray)
2nd Place         Car full of Hansen Grandkids
3rd  Place         Smith's Patriotic Float (Allie & her cousin)
1st  Place         Statue of Liberty & Uncle Sam  (Chris & Tonya Bingley)
2nd Place         1941 Jeep and Ambulance (George Schaefer)
3rd  Place         Support our Veterans (Calvin Nolan & Mitzi)
CAR WINNERS: Judged by Steve May
1st   Place       28 Model A Pickup ( Bob Parsons)
2nd  Place      1971 El Camino     (Mike Donaldson)
3rd   Place      1967 Big Red        (Donna Shore)

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bayview Chamber of Commerce August 12, 2014 Agenda

Bayview Chamber of Commerce
August 12, 2014

1)      Opening:
a)      Call to order at 7:00pm
b)      Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
c)      Welcome members and guests
d)      Approval of Minutes from previous meeting (June 10, 2014)
e)      Approval of current Agenda 

2)     Speaker:
      No Speaker
3)     Announcements and Correspondence:
a)     Members input.
b)     Kootenai County Invitation to Sesquicentennial Celebration
c)     Jackie Lloyd Garage Sale Update
4)     Treasures Report
5)     Reports:
a.       Citizens Emergency Response Group & No Wake Zone-Chuck Waller.
b.      DAC-Tom Lloyd
c.       Fisheries-Tom Lloyd
d.      Raffle-Bruce & Judy Robinsons/Sue Damon (mainly Christmas).
e.       Speakers-Tom Lloyd/Dennis Damon.
f.        Breakfasts-Norma Jean Knowles  
g.       Bayview Daze-Marsha Ritzheimer.                                                                                                      
6)    Business
a)     Old business
                                                        i.            Sheryl Puckett
                                                     ii.            Phil Stephan       
b)     New business
                                            i.            Chuck Murray – Skip Sign
                                         ii.            Garden Awards – Marsha Ritzheimer
                                       iii.            Bayview’s Fire Hazard
7)     Chamber activities
a.      Dennis Link – 1 Gift certificate to be given.
b.      Labor Day Breakfast September 1, 2014

Monday, August 4, 2014

Last Chamber Breakfast of the year

Come one, come all to the last Chamber Breakfast! We had so much fun at the last Breakfast we are going to do it again!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Firework Process

Helping just one day for the Fireworks set up was a real eye opener for both Dean and myself. We truly enjoyed being part of the team that makes the display actually happen. Many people in Bayview do recognize the amount of volunteer time that goes into the 20 minute display that everyone loves to watch and photograph.

Unfortunately Dean and I had prior commitments so we could help the other two days that are part of the display. There were 18 folks who worked the first day to load the tubes for the shells. Each tube had to bb unloaded, scraped to remove tags from previous displays, “boxes” put together, sand hauled to the boxes, the tubes placed in the correct order for synchronizing of the shells, and then the remainder of the sand hauled to fill the boxes. The second day would be loading the shells and setting up for the display, the last day is a reversal process.

Dennis, Sue and Kevin are the primary volunteers. Dennis told me he has been doing  this for close to 12 years.
People that need to hear thank you:
Loading the barge:
Rick and Donna Haynes
Norma Jean and Dean Knowles
Sue and Dennis Damon
Mark Duclos
Kevin Elmore
Sheriff's Deputy and workers.

Saturday, placing shells and 
wiring the tubes:
Jim Berube
Mark Duclos
Kevin Elmore
Mick Nereavy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Trevor Savage                                      
Unloading the Barge:
Bob Prince
Sue and Dennis Damon
Kevin Elmore
Sheriff's Deputy and workers
Next year when you and your guest rest your chin on your folded hands and exclaim with "ooo and aw" remember the folks that volunteered to put together the show that delights so very many folks.
I am honored to continue the tradition that started many years ago by folks who wanted their families to have a "good ole fashioned 4th of July" celebration.
Bayview is known to have the best, most consistent fireworks display in the Inland Northwest. This could not happen without ALL of the people who took the time to share part of their lives to keep this tradition going!


Boat For Sale

Fred Huson built this boat in 1997, the "Dottie J" has been donated to the
Bayview Community Center, proceeds from the sale are donated to the Center! Any questions call 208-683-2389

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Annual Center BBQ

Jackie and the crew are going to be working hard to prepare another outstanding BBQ on August 9th 2014 at the Community Center. Please come for a delicious meal and excellent companionship.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Post Bayview Daze

I suppose some may be wondering where the heck Norma Jean disappeared to after Bayview Daze ‘cause she has not been very active on her BlogSpot or there may be some who really don’t care. My computer told me that it had had enough and it was time for us to part ways. I finally got the new computer and now I am slogging my way through some items that are not quite the same as the old one.

I did the research, looked at laptops, all-in-ones, and desktops. Finally decided with guidance that the desktop is my best option because I use my computer for many activities. I still have my smart phone which I use while traveling so I don’t need a laptop, and all-in-ones are not suited to the type of work I do at home, and I already have a Kindle for my reading needs. My keyboard is wireless, my mouse is wireless, so we eliminated some of those pesky wires that get dusty and in the way. Now it is matter of getting used to the “chicklet” keyboard and making sure I can locate my files.

In days past if your computer crashed that was the end of all your files. Now days, your old files can be saved and put on the new computer. What a blessing!

Bayview Daze was a rousing success at least from my perspective. The Parade went more smoothly. We actually had someone to sing the National Anthem. The morning was over-cast, the sun not shining until the Parade started. I am continually amazed at how one small town can come together and have on glorious fun-filled day!

If you access facebook there are some fantastic pictures that have been posted. Ben McLachlan took some great candid shots with the local flavor! Josh Martinez, a professional photographer,  from CDA took one of the best photos I have ever seen of the fireworks and was posted by Dennis Damon.

Here is my all-time favorite. Ben took this excellent picture. We are blessed to have Ben McLachlan in our community.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Thank you Dennis and Sue Damon

This past Saturday Dean and I had the privilege of helping Dennis and Sue Damon along with Kevin Elwood and Mark from Fish & Game do the preliminary set-up for the Fireworks! By preliminary that means there are two other days necessary to complete  the Firework display.

We worked 4 hours and more to set-up the barge to set-up for the shells that will be placed at a later date. It was a great deal of work. This has probably been said before but I am not sure all those who enjoy the Fireworks understand the amount of time and effort that goes into the Display. Take 18 people times that by 5 hours work and then times that by three and you will have a concept of how much work goes into this yearly function. This does not include the pre work of coordinating the shells, producing the paperwork for the shell coordination and the time Kevin gives during the Firework Display.

When you see Kevin, or Mark, or Sue, or Dennis be sure to thank them. They are the backbone of getting this function going.

We also are very lucky and blessed to be provided with a work detail from Kootenai County Sheriffs Department to help load the shell tubes and the sand. Without them this task would be difficult if not impossible for us older folks to complete.

Dennis, Sue, Kevin, Mark, Donna, thank you!

Norma Jean and Dean
                                                                                                    Norma Jean 2012 Fireworks

The time seems to be flying lately, The Merc is open, Mario’s seems to be doing very well with his business. We have more people in town and finally I think we are about to get sunshine!

Information is flying around Bayview about our upcoming events. 

I am also including information for the Boat Parade which will occur about 9:30ish. Tom Lloyd will be the Parade leader here is the information Tom provided concerning the Boat Parade. In memory of Skip Wilcox let’s make this a grand Boat Parade. Unfortunately I will not be able to see the Boats!

Yup! There will be a boat parade in the Scenic Bay harbor just prior to the fireworks display. Boats will rendezvous on the north side of the bay just west of the slide behind the Lloyd’s green 21’ Custom Weld aluminum boat with the tan canvas top at dusk. The boats will parade along the shore toward the west passing the marinas close aboard on starboard. Please join us. And please decorate your boat and make it awesome.

Norma Jean

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bayview Daze Parade Route and other information!

Bayview Daze Again!

Bayview Daze is fast approaching and this looks to be as good a year as previous years.  I had a person at the Nickel’s Worth tell me that the Bayview Daze Fireworks have been voted consistently the best in area for years. Not sure who does the judging but I do know we give an excellent show. Of course the Fireworks are the Grand Finale for the day.

This year Bayview Daze will be on Saturday July 5th. The day starts with our world famous Parade (well maybe not world famous) but it is an event that everyone enjoys and we are not real picky about who participates in the Parade. Last year I had so much fun I changed my name from Norma Jean to Marilyn for the day.

The Parade entrants will be directed to 3rd St, head west, turn north on Spruce and then east on 4th St.  

The Parade will start at 11:00 am. All entrants will receive an application for the Parade and a number
when they enter on 3rd St. The number received needs to be placed on the left hand side of the vehicle, we want the judges to know who you are!

During the rest of July 5th visitors will be able to enjoy the Street Fair which is hosted by Scenic Bay Marina. The Street Fair actually gears up on July 4th and ends on July 6th.

Don’t forget to visit the local businesses for something to eat and drink. Ralph Internet CafĂ©’, Mario’s Mexican Restaurant, The Captain’s Wheel, Chris’ Patio,  JD’s Bar, and the newly opened Bayview Mercantile.

The Lighted Boat Parade will start about 9:00  pm ish or at Dusk. Tom Lloyd is leading the boat Parade this year. The Lighted Boat Parade will start at The Bitter End Marina. Angela at The Bitter End will have applications for the Boat Parade.

And at Dark the event that everyone comes for, the Fireworks. We look forward to seeing you all again! Please help us keep the Fireworks going, we always need donations.

If you are so inclined we could use help with the Parade, please call Marsha at 208-683-3276.

On another note if you run into Marsha Ritzheimer please take the time to thank her for all of the work she has done getting the Parade going. As some know it is a lot of time consuming paperwork as well as legwork. The past couple of years we have a couple of monkey wrenches thrown into the works.

Marsha has been an incredible addition to the Chamber. But then so has Ken Saunders, Chuck Murray, and Lesley Diener! The Chamber has a great Board and some pretty fantastic members.