Saturday, February 23, 2013


After being asked how often I post on my blogspot I decided I had better let folks know I am still alive and kicking. I just spent 24 hours trying to get back into my blogspot to post. I am still not sure exactly occurred but I am back into my account.

Norma Jean

My musings

I have been suspiciously absent from my blogspot lately. Seems that my thoughts and impressions have taken a back seat to the necessity for physical labor and an attempt to return the Apartments at Bayview Scenic back to what the property used to look like when Dean and I lived there.  We are and have been grateful for the gift that was given to us back in 2006. We had lived in a 19.5 foot trailer for several years. When the job at Bayview Scenic Motel became available and we moved into the Managers Apartment, we were ecstatic.  Silly me I thought someone else would be appreciative for the opportunity. With the help of our son, Josh, we have been able to complete a great deal of work, there is still more to do.

Dean and I have been able to still volunteer some of our time for LOU and I am editing the Bayview Bylines as well as remaining the Member at Large for the Chamber.  We are moving swiftly towards the summer months and July 4th Bayview Daze. At this point I do not have much to report.  To the best of my knowledge Scenic Bay Marina will still be doing the Street Fair.

The Chamber has been having speakers at our meetings, this next month Kathi Ellis will speak to us about her book that she recently published. Last month Alan Griffitts gave a presentation about submarine research on Lake Pend Oreille.

I don’t know about everyone else but I am anxiously awaiting Spring to Sprung. Much to Dean’s dismay I am starting seeds. Dean produced a potato tower for me, we are also going to attempt the “rain gutter” planter this year for lettuce. Last year I had a huge pot that had the most gorgeous foliage, when the kids were here they all commented on the amount of foliage and asked what I was growing (I have a tendency to overzealous with seeds) I was sure these were seeds that Lucas had sent and I was waiting to the plants to start blooming. The short of the tail is the beautiful foliage turned out to be red oak leaf lettuce, boy was that lettuce great! This year’s other experiment is patio corn. My tomatoes did well last year so I thought this year I would try patio corn AND trellis cucumbers. I need to retire from my regular job, ya know!

Well enough of my profound thinking for the evening.

We, Dean and I love all of you, well pretty close to all of you.

God bless and shine His face upon you!

Norma Jean