Monday, June 30, 2014

Thank you Dennis and Sue Damon

This past Saturday Dean and I had the privilege of helping Dennis and Sue Damon along with Kevin Elwood and Mark from Fish & Game do the preliminary set-up for the Fireworks! By preliminary that means there are two other days necessary to complete  the Firework display.

We worked 4 hours and more to set-up the barge to set-up for the shells that will be placed at a later date. It was a great deal of work. This has probably been said before but I am not sure all those who enjoy the Fireworks understand the amount of time and effort that goes into the Display. Take 18 people times that by 5 hours work and then times that by three and you will have a concept of how much work goes into this yearly function. This does not include the pre work of coordinating the shells, producing the paperwork for the shell coordination and the time Kevin gives during the Firework Display.

When you see Kevin, or Mark, or Sue, or Dennis be sure to thank them. They are the backbone of getting this function going.

We also are very lucky and blessed to be provided with a work detail from Kootenai County Sheriffs Department to help load the shell tubes and the sand. Without them this task would be difficult if not impossible for us older folks to complete.

Dennis, Sue, Kevin, Mark, Donna, thank you!

Norma Jean and Dean
                                                                                                    Norma Jean 2012 Fireworks

The time seems to be flying lately, The Merc is open, Mario’s seems to be doing very well with his business. We have more people in town and finally I think we are about to get sunshine!

Information is flying around Bayview about our upcoming events. 

I am also including information for the Boat Parade which will occur about 9:30ish. Tom Lloyd will be the Parade leader here is the information Tom provided concerning the Boat Parade. In memory of Skip Wilcox let’s make this a grand Boat Parade. Unfortunately I will not be able to see the Boats!

Yup! There will be a boat parade in the Scenic Bay harbor just prior to the fireworks display. Boats will rendezvous on the north side of the bay just west of the slide behind the Lloyd’s green 21’ Custom Weld aluminum boat with the tan canvas top at dusk. The boats will parade along the shore toward the west passing the marinas close aboard on starboard. Please join us. And please decorate your boat and make it awesome.

Norma Jean

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bayview Daze Parade Route and other information!

Bayview Daze Again!

Bayview Daze is fast approaching and this looks to be as good a year as previous years.  I had a person at the Nickel’s Worth tell me that the Bayview Daze Fireworks have been voted consistently the best in area for years. Not sure who does the judging but I do know we give an excellent show. Of course the Fireworks are the Grand Finale for the day.

This year Bayview Daze will be on Saturday July 5th. The day starts with our world famous Parade (well maybe not world famous) but it is an event that everyone enjoys and we are not real picky about who participates in the Parade. Last year I had so much fun I changed my name from Norma Jean to Marilyn for the day.

The Parade entrants will be directed to 3rd St, head west, turn north on Spruce and then east on 4th St.  

The Parade will start at 11:00 am. All entrants will receive an application for the Parade and a number
when they enter on 3rd St. The number received needs to be placed on the left hand side of the vehicle, we want the judges to know who you are!

During the rest of July 5th visitors will be able to enjoy the Street Fair which is hosted by Scenic Bay Marina. The Street Fair actually gears up on July 4th and ends on July 6th.

Don’t forget to visit the local businesses for something to eat and drink. Ralph Internet CafĂ©’, Mario’s Mexican Restaurant, The Captain’s Wheel, Chris’ Patio,  JD’s Bar, and the newly opened Bayview Mercantile.

The Lighted Boat Parade will start about 9:00  pm ish or at Dusk. Tom Lloyd is leading the boat Parade this year. The Lighted Boat Parade will start at The Bitter End Marina. Angela at The Bitter End will have applications for the Boat Parade.

And at Dark the event that everyone comes for, the Fireworks. We look forward to seeing you all again! Please help us keep the Fireworks going, we always need donations.

If you are so inclined we could use help with the Parade, please call Marsha at 208-683-3276.

On another note if you run into Marsha Ritzheimer please take the time to thank her for all of the work she has done getting the Parade going. As some know it is a lot of time consuming paperwork as well as legwork. The past couple of years we have a couple of monkey wrenches thrown into the works.

Marsha has been an incredible addition to the Chamber. But then so has Ken Saunders, Chuck Murray, and Lesley Diener! The Chamber has a great Board and some pretty fantastic members.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Boating Safety Class June 21 st Buttonhook Inn in Bayview

There will be a Boating Safety Class led by the Coast Guard Auxiliary this coming up Saturday! Register with Angela at the Bitter End Marina 208-683-2534.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Comments what a hoot!

It is always a lot of fun to read comments posted whether on facebook, articles on the Net, or as an example the article generated by the CDA Press. Can't help myself with these comments, speculations are that the poster is probably certifiable. No wondering just who ScaryMaryNorma and LovieDoview is, certainly not Norma Jean and definitely a person with a grudge. The play on words and names .....

These are quotes from the CDA Press:

Posts: 4
FarragutPark or rather silly lockett,
Aren't you the same one that was complaining about Fish and Game when they wanted to clearcut Farragut. It sure looks nice now. Fish will die, lake will be polluted. Glad Chip Corsi ran you off. Now complaining about stumps in Farragut. Why don't you hire Loma Hygine to clean the trash around your rentals. Just do it without permit as you know you can get away with it. Lennis is watching you now - Need more people like you, loma, lennis, yike loo and 3 more of you to think you are the goodie - What is good for me is not good for you. Trash on..
Posts: 1
Waa Waa...Who is this Norma Jean?? She sure knows a lot. She knows which marina is full, which RV camping is full, which restaurant is making money, whose marina is empty.Thanks Norma Jean, I'll be saving my money waiting for these marinas to go out of business. Looks like some good oppurtunity maybe coming up. I wonder how much one of these marina's might be worth? Will $250K buy one - Norma, can you advise?
Norma, can you post a link on the study you quoted on the mountain goats. I sure would love to read it.
Posts: 4
Piece and queit ....Hoodoo mountaion, Squak mountaion.. looks like pretty cheap land, no bars, no amenities no nothing. Piece and quiet sounds like sucks.
I am so glad my bosses motel is booming because of all the activities in Baywoo. 3/4 are drunks that like Al has name written on the bar stool. If no business, motelRv might be closing eh. Guess my house will be forclosed. Good pot/.
Silly talk bull do ..Call FAA, has them shut down...
Posts: 4
Silly in town thinks everything is for herself. Maybe Athol sounds like fun...Quit patronizing the busioness in Baywoo like getting drunk in floatie. Take your shekel to Bolovia. See who is getting the short end of the schick. Enjoy driving dunk.
Once upon a time jolly walker flatso came to town - suddenly he is the local of locals, king of mountain goads. When he sheets, it's all golden. Look under the sheet, it is a con of worm. Go back to east coast. Look at history - Bayview is not a queit town
Posts: 4
I ammm afraid...of my shodow, the NSA... the government... short fat guy. Why!..Why! I ask
? maybe Utah or rather I should move back to the jungle of Colaroda gods pot smoking bastardland.
Maybe should quit me motel cleaningjob.