Friday, April 29, 2011


Gazing out the window at work I was delighted (?) to snow snow falling again! It is tough talking to customers who are enjoying the sun in Florida and other southern regions. I am really ready for the snow to stop.

I see the fund-raiser for Dorothy Carpenter is gearing up and getting ready for the big day tomorrow! I pray that all goes well and the function will be a roaring success. Am praying the weather will hold.

Talking to Dean the other day from The Bay Cafe and he will be featuring specials on Mother's Day May 8! I took the day off from work so I can complete a final exam and did not realize it was Mother's Day! Boy what a silly person I am! Speaking of The Cafe, Dean now has an extra pair of hands for assistance. He also will doing the Spaghetti Dinner Special on Tuesday the 5th of May. Come in and enjoy a meal with us. We all have a great time! The last dinner was especially memorable for all who attended.

Want to get outside and start my seeds, so I think soon I will just throw caution to the wind and plant anyway and pray for warm weather. i now have a small greenhouse will put the tomatoes in there this summer.

Please post some comments and suggestions.
I do need to change my opening picture soon!

Norma Jean

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stuff Happening in Bayview

I had the pleasure of attending both the Chamber Meeting and the Pot Luck held by the Community Council this week.

Not sure whether it is just me or has the Chamber really tried to change its image? What I see is a group of people gathering, behaving professionally, and trying to achieve the task of getting the businesses involved in the Chamber again, after all this organization is labeled a Chamber of Commerce. I am impressed with the flow and content of the meetings and the professional way the meetings are run. This week the Vice President officially resigned his post and the Chamber members elected Vic Woolever to sit on the board. Vic has been a friend of mine for several years now. I have watched him grow personally and feel that he will be a positive addition to the Chamber Board.  A motion was placed on the floor to not have the parade this year for Fourth of July weekend. One voice heard stated that he did not want to have any activities that would a allow a certain business make money. While I understand the frustration, I still cannot understand why any actions for a decrease in business would be aimed at one particular personality. The fact still remains that a few local jobs are provided by this persona.  I did not take offense at this comment. My husband and son-in-law served in the Armed Forces, upholding our right to voice our opinion.  I do need to add that a very important person to me still works for this entity. When asked why my husband does not seek other employment or employers my husband responded that he cared for and genuinely likes his customers. He feels he would let them down. Our actions while seemingly are justified have repercussions that sometimes we do not grasp.

The vote to not have a parade this year was voted down. Several Chamber members stood up and gave their reasons why we still need to have this celebration. This weekend is after all the weekend we celebrate the birth of our country!

Also the Chamber determined that as a body we would not be doing the street fair. Hurray for us.

Fireworks will be held on Sunday this year.
I understand the McDonald's Hudson Bay will be celebrating its 60th birthday this year.

I drive into Bayview at night. I could not help but notice the lack of lighting and activity. It is real shame that we as a community did not appreciate what we had. A vital, active appearance in the downtown area. Driving into Bayview now is like driving into a ghost town. While Bayview was sleeping the "Grinch" stole Christmas.

Norma Jean

Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring or is it?

My bulbs are finally starting to come up and I think it is spring but not completely sure yet. After my frustrating gardening season last year I am leery of planting the vegetable garden but my fingers are itching to get dirty. Never was much for wearing gloves.

I have been pretty busy with work and class work and have ignored my blog. I enjoy writing but there are times my brain is so tired!

I was speaking with a friend this morning who shared with me that folks around town like me better now than say a year ago. Actually I like myself better too! So I guess my decision was not a bad one, the decision to change places of employment. I know I am basically the same person, just not as frustrated and I am certainly glad I no longer have person's in my life that wanted to change me into something I am not, hence the choice to "move on".

Listening to my Sunday program before traveling to CDA the subject concerned why others try to label us. This has given me pause to reflect. Often those who label us are jealous of what we have that they do not have. I had had a conversation several years ago with a friend. I wonder how many of us label a person simply because we do not understand that person or justify our actions because we are jealous of what another person had. This conversation had a profound affect on me, causing me to wonder about how I react to other people in my life. Walking a mile in another person's shoes can be a cliche' but I believe this is a valuable tool to help us understand and accept each other!

Norma Jean