Sunday, May 17, 2015


WAKE UP BAYVIEW                                        

When are the people of Bayview going to wake up?

Do you know that we have video cameras posted on Chan’s property? It can be said that these cameras are to protect his holdings, granted a valid reason but the cameras can record beyond his holdings. Can we do something about the cameras probably not but I sure feel uncomfortable with “Smile You Are On Video Cameras” signage.
When will you all say enough!
Why is Larry Spencer sending letters to the Bayview Community in support of the two candidates who are challenging the current incumbents? REALLY? Now who would be behind that? Larry Spencer was involved in the efforts to the challenge to Timberlake Fire Department, Larry Spencer spoke at the Lakes Highway meeting when Chan attempted to get a right of way/easement on 5th St.  Point number two in Larry’s open letter is a not true. The accounting firm did not fire BWS, BWS fired the Magnuson McHugh Group because they were not doing what they were supposed to be doing, something that Linda Hackbarth is concerned about. Who uses Larry Spencer’s services? Chan Karupiah.
When will Bayview wake up?
Now we hear that a petition is going forward to close the public boat launch, who has made this request? Chan Karupiah. If we lose that public launch it will affect our local businesses.
When are the two sheds in Harborview that were removed going to be replaced? There should be four sheds there not two?
When are you going to wake up Bayview? Hopefully not before it is too late.

Letter from Jackie Lloyd

Over the past several days I have received several emails and snail mails about the upcoming election.  One as recent as an hour ago.  Some were simple bios while others were vailed attacks.  While I have tried to ignore some of the trash a recent mailing I received was totally appalling for its inaccuracies by its author, Larry Spencer.  This man is not a resident of Bayview, nor a property owner.  He is a PAID consultant for Chan Karupiah.  In his letter he stated that in 2011 the Bayview Water & Sewer Board quietly raised the water and sewer rates approximately 90%.  The rates were in fact raised.  Subsequently at an open community meeting, the Water and Sewer Board explained that the primary reason for the increase was to build up the reserves which had been depleted over the years to try to keep the rates at the same low level.  They admitted that this was not a wise decision.   They further stated that now it was imperative to rebuild the reserves to mitigate costs in case of a catastrophic event, such as loss of a major pumping facility.  I was at that meeting as was most of the now nay sayers.  In regard to the 3.5 employees Spencer complains about, 2 are trained and skilled maintenance workers.  Reading meters is only one small part of the job and their pay needs to be commensurate with their skill.  State law requires 2 licensed operators be employed by water and sewer departments. 
Spencer’s second point dealt with the Water and Sewer Board being fired by their accountants which is a bold faced lie.  The Water and Sewer Board terminated the services of the Magnuson McHugh Group since audits that they were hired to do were not being done.  At the April board meeting Chuck Murray put into motion that he and Kim Mattern be given the task of finding a new accounting firm because of the Magnuson Group’s failure to deliver.  The board voted unanimously to follow this action and have entered into a contract with Anderson Bros. who are finishing up the 2012 and 2013 audits.  In addition they have nearly completed the 2014 pre-audit which is now required by the state and have 9 months to complete the 2014 regular audit. It is important that the Water and Sewer Board is required to follow Idaho Statutes and this is something they cannot ignore.   The rest of the letter says nothing of importance.
I believe I know who is backing the challenging candidates, it is Chan Karupiah.  He does not live in Bayview but is a property owner.  However, his property is commercial and his goal is developing the waterfront with more condos.  He has been very open about this plan.  The only thing keeping his goal from becoming a reality at this point is the Water and Sewer Board rule limiting ER sales.  Without the necessary ER’s Chan cannot build any more condos.  We have paid dearly for what Holland did here, let’s not let Chan turn Bayview’s waterfront into another Coeur d’Alene Resort vista.
Yes, it is time for all of us to challenge our Water and Sewer Board to make changes and improvements wherever needed.  But personally I don’t believe it is to oust the two highly skilled and experienced incumbents who are now running. Both Chuck Murray and Kim Mattern have the technical and fiscal experience that I do not see existing in their challengers.  Chuck Murray was appointed by the board about 4 years ago when his predecessor Pat Dow died.  Chuck Murray has management, scheduling, negotiating and fiscal experience.  Kim was appointed last fall and chosen for her 30+ years of experience in utilities beginning as a meter reader and advancing to a managerial position working with many governmental and regulatory agencies. In the fall Kim Mattern replaced Dave Wilcox who resigned for health reasons.  The Water and Sewer Board chose wisely when soliciting their help.
I personally will not support any candidate who has chosen to partner with Chan.  I cannot trust that their future decisions will not be influenced by a man whose only interest in Bayview is increasing his personal wealth.  I am sick at heart and disappointed in the level these attacks have fallen.  Be afraid Bayview.  Be very afraid.
Jackie Lloyd, resident and water and sewer customer.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


My mistake, when I spoke with Wayne Burton this morning about his signs he gave me no indication that permission had been given to Steve May to post his campaign posters. This evening I spoke with Wayne again and he did verify that he had given Steve May permission to use his signs.

Not that I had not checked my facts this morning, I did and the rechecked this evening.

My error.

Norma Jean

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bayview Water and Sewer

BAYVIEW: Issues to be considered

Posted: Wednesday, May 13, 2015 12:00 am

The Bayview Water and Sewer District has two Board Positions up for election. It appears that some of the candidates and their supporters have a misunderstanding of facts regarding the operation of the district and laws governing the district.

One issue is regarding the district election for board positions. The claim is that there have been no elections for 20 years. The elections are under the control of a County Department. For several years there have been only a single candidate for each board position. According to Idaho Code (Title 34, Chapter 14), the sole nominee is appointed to the office if the position is uncontested.


Another issue that is not properly characterized is the existence of a Waste Water Permit. A claim has been made that we are operating without this permit. At the April Bayview Water and Sewer Board meeting, Ellery Howard, an engineer with JUB Engineering, presented this permit to the board. All the candidates for the board positions were present during the discussion regarding the permit.

A third issue is a complaint that Bayview Water and Sewer is following the State Code regarding record requests. Would people have us ignore State laws because it is not convenient for them? The law is to enhance transparency.