Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Whole Year!

It seems to be a year has gone since I first posted on my blog. With the help of another blogger I have been able to make some sense of what I wish to accomplish and how to accomplish my needs here on this blog.

I am still struggling with the presentation of another type of Chamber of Commerce for Bayview. I still believe that there is another side of Bayview, those of us who work and play and treasure this special place called Bayview. I do not believe that any one of has the right to dictate the perseption of Bayview. This place is given to us to cherish and sometimes that means opening the doors so others can enjoy our surroundings.

The elections for the Chamber are coming up soon and one of the older members stood up the other night trying to shame others into voluteering. Much like the other organization I belong to getting younger members involved is difficult. If we want to see a viable and vibrant community those of us who are younger need to voluteer our time to make Bayview what we envision it to be, not the vision of those who have served in the past.

My vision for Bayview is a place that others want to come and enjoy. I want to see boats on the lake, people enjoying themselves, and a place that my family will love too.


  1. Gald to see the new blog, keep it up! Miss seeing you at marina. Linda Barron

  2. Been trying for the last two days to answer you back, not sure I will ever get used to blogging.

    Linda nice to hear from you.


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