Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Perspective

Athol Daze:

Dean and I spent the morning wandering around the main part of Athol, taking in the sights and activities centered around the celebration, Athol Daze. When we first moved to North (by gosh) Idaho we resided in Athol. I worked in several locations, Dean used his talents at The Rib Ranch, eventually I joined him there too. With our work experiences we came to know several of the local. So we were delighted to see many folks who have become our friends.

Everyone loves a parade and Athol is no different! Our local Color Guard leads the way for the rest of the parade. I am always proud to see these volunteers proudly march down the road carrying our Nations flag. Local American Legion Post 149 and American Legion Auxiliary Unit 149 support many of the local summer events throughout our area. I am thanking those dedicated guardians of our American traditions today.

As I was looking at the events for the day I noticed that David Harms was selected as citizen of the year. I was delighted that he received this honor. David is a unique personality who gives freely of his time to help others in the community. Dean and I have known him for many years. So my hat is off in honor of the dedicated person!

Athol Daze is all about the children of the community. There games and events centered around children activity. One event "money in the straw attracted attention. A huge tarp was laid out on the ground with straw scattered over the tarp. Folks started gathering around the tarp as soon as the straw was scattered. Coins were scattered through the straw and then the children were let loose. The coins were used for the various games designed for the children.

I want to honor this young lady, her horse, and her young companion. She was so composed and a delight to chat with with after the parade!

Dean and I thoroughly enjoyed our morning in Athol! Perfect day and great companions. My hat is off to Athol!

Norma Jean

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