Sunday, November 4, 2012


Yesterday November 3, 2012 I stopped by to see Skip. I was introduced to his very lovely daughter, Jenny, who is taking care of him.

Skip can have visitors but we need to adhere to his rest requirements.
Skip looked great and is healing well. He expressed that he was so very happy to be back at home again with his view of the Lake. He also stated how much he appreciated every one's support. Seems we in Bayview cherish our residents, especially Skip.

As a reminder Jamie included this with her email to me "Our Community Rock Star is back! I am sure everyone will want to see him and I just encourage folks to keep the visits somewhat short to begin with and be very cautious about spreading any colds and such to Skip. If you are feeling under the weather in the least bit, please wait until you are completely well to go see him as he does not need any other health issues to deal with at this time in his recovery." (Jamie Berube)

I am grateful that I was included in the messages posted to the community.

Skip my hat is off to you!

Norma Jean and Dean

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