Friday, December 14, 2012

Ramblings while working in the kitchen

Today I have determined that it is dangerous for me to be home cooking. I find myself thinking and that process can find my thoughts wandering all over the place and then back. Guess that is why I cooked for so many years with Dean and my boys back in Colorado. I was in the kitchen until the owner very generously allowed me to go on the floor as manager. Why did I earn that honor? Because I could correctly pronounce the word “forte”. Big Bob was the first of several Bob’s in life my life, and that takes me back to my first marriage a place I do not want to go.

I make a really decent apple pie, actually any pie I make could be deemed decent, as well as my cheesecakes, my all-time favorite cheesecake is pumpkin swirl. See there I go off into my thoughts. While making my very small apple pie, if I make a whole apple pie Dean and I will consume and regret. I was thinking about this really awesome place I had lunch the other day, which brought me to my review of The Bay CafĂ© and then back to why Hay j’s was beyond belief.

My father was a chef through his college years, he also ran a catering business. It has been said my mother wanted out of the business and I was created. Never did ask her to verify this. But my older sister loves to bring this up frequently.  Both of my parents believed that we children needed to experience what was of value to them so, I have basically eaten in some of the finest restaurants in the world. Quite possibly this experience could be why I have spent so many years in the hospitality business, customer service is my passion. A concept one former boss could not grasp.

Back to Hay J’s, this little place can be found at the Conoco Station in Liberty Lake near the Pepper Tree Inn.  On the side of the Conoco station is a small door, the windows are covered and looking at the place you just know this is going to be a dive. After walking through the entrance, one quickly realizes that appearances are very deceiving. Hay J’s is anything but a dive.  The food was incredible, the service superb and the atmosphere slow and leisurely.  No pushing to order even though the place was filling up fast, take your time, relax, and enjoy your meal.

So this is a little glimpse into my mind while I am cooking. I drive Dean nuts because I will start one project, think about something else that needs done but that is just plain me!
Norma Jean

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  1. Nice blog post. I am not doing much cooking these days, the hubby has taken the kitchen - drives me nuts! :-) Today, a quick trip to Panda Express did the trick - no clean up! I will have to try that place in Liberty Lake.


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