Friday, August 9, 2013

Why Dean drives me nuts!

Which city is the hardest-working in the US? You'll be surprised

Credit the coffee or gray weather keeping people inside and at their desks. The city that has been crowned America's hardest working city is … Seattle. The blog Movoto, which covers "the lighter side of real estate," says factors including average hours worked per week, unemployment rate, employed workers per hour and lack of sleep earned the Emerald City the No. 1 spot on its list of America's 50 hardest-working cities. Five cities in Texas (Arlington, Fort Worth, Austin, Dallas and Houston) and two in California (San Jose and San Francisco) also made the top 10. Coming in at No. 50? Memphis, Tenn., where apparently people are hardly working and not working hard. [Source]

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  1. Dean was born and raised in Seattle and I kind of claim Seattle since I graduated high school from Chief Sealth. Most folks I know from the Seattle work really hard, so Dean is never ending busy, this would be why he drives me nuts! I remember my Dad telling me once that he never knew anyone that worked as hard as I did. So Seattle must have rubbed off on me LOL! But the Knowles side of the family is a never ending vision of motion.



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