Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Robin Williams

I have been reading and following the many remembrances people have from around the world and Robin Williams. There is no way I could possibly do justice to the man and the way he entertained us all for so many years. Robin was a couple of months younger than myself, I remember “Good Morning Vietnam” and “Mork & Mindy. Those remembrances are of the early days of Robin's career. He went to give us all so much of himself.

I can empathize with Robin because I am a recovering alcoholic, I have in my lifetime dealt with depression. But I don’t think my pain was anywhere close to what Robin was feeling. I just wish that we all could have hugged him enough to let him know what a truly awesome person he was. His love can be seen in his face as I go through pictures that are posted of him.

Robin your death has such an impact on us all. We mourn you and regret that no one really understood the anguish you were experiencing.
As someone wrote now you are making God laugh. I hope that God holds you tight in his arms. You were a gift to us all and we will miss you Robin.

Robin's death has brought attention to those who are suffering from depression.

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