Thursday, April 9, 2015

April 9th BOCC Hearing

REMINDER: BOCC Hearing Tonight!
"Jeff May's BOCC Hearing regarding his Conditional Use Permit to develop a Commercial Resort on his rural - residential property (CUP14-0011) is tonight at 6 pm at the Kootenai County Administration Bldg - first floor (the same building and floor that Vehicle Registration and Driver's Licenses are issued).
It is vital that as many of you who can attend this Public Hearing, do so to demonstrate to the County Commissioners that "we", the united concerned rural citizens protest and oppose any and all developments that aren't in alignment with the current Comprehensive Plan.
Glenn Hill hosted an organizational meeting last week for those wishing to attend and speak in opposition.  It appears that Glenn has a few speakers committed to addressing strategic topics.  For each speaker needing and planning on 15 minutes of speaking time,  it takes 10 - 12 volunteers to donate their own speaking time.  Therefore there needs to be a minimum of 40 to 50 attending, and donating time in order for 4 or 5 speakers to benefit from the 15 minute speaking allowance.  
It would be ideal if at least 100 concerned citizens would attend this potentially precedent setting Hearing.  It is critical to  insure that Swartout & Mort aren't given another project to rely on for examples and models to use in their quest to turn hundreds of acres near Silverwood into an urban center with 1,500+ affordable new homes plus large commercial zones. "

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