Sunday, May 17, 2015


WAKE UP BAYVIEW                                        

When are the people of Bayview going to wake up?

Do you know that we have video cameras posted on Chan’s property? It can be said that these cameras are to protect his holdings, granted a valid reason but the cameras can record beyond his holdings. Can we do something about the cameras probably not but I sure feel uncomfortable with “Smile You Are On Video Cameras” signage.
When will you all say enough!
Why is Larry Spencer sending letters to the Bayview Community in support of the two candidates who are challenging the current incumbents? REALLY? Now who would be behind that? Larry Spencer was involved in the efforts to the challenge to Timberlake Fire Department, Larry Spencer spoke at the Lakes Highway meeting when Chan attempted to get a right of way/easement on 5th St.  Point number two in Larry’s open letter is a not true. The accounting firm did not fire BWS, BWS fired the Magnuson McHugh Group because they were not doing what they were supposed to be doing, something that Linda Hackbarth is concerned about. Who uses Larry Spencer’s services? Chan Karupiah.
When will Bayview wake up?
Now we hear that a petition is going forward to close the public boat launch, who has made this request? Chan Karupiah. If we lose that public launch it will affect our local businesses.
When are the two sheds in Harborview that were removed going to be replaced? There should be four sheds there not two?
When are you going to wake up Bayview? Hopefully not before it is too late.

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