Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Time to step away

Sometimes we need to step away for clarity in our lives. The stepping away may mean leaving a job or traveling to another part of the country. In my case both aspects of stepping away have come into play with my life.
I stepped away from recent employment because there were aspects of the job that I did not like, aspects of personalities that I could not accept, and issues with my basic personality that others wished to change. Things are a little harder right now for us but I firmly believe that the decision I reached to step away was the right decision for me and my Bayview family. I still have not located a job but I believe that when He is ready an opportunity will present itself.
A trip across the country to spend time with my daughter, my son-in-law, who is more like a son than he knows, and my grand-sons was the right choice for both Dean and myself. Nothing special was done, just a quiet holiday spent cooking and baking for the family. My life up until October 23, 2010 had been a busy life, seemingly not enough hours in the day, let alone find the time to just talk to my children about their hopes and dreams. Family time around the dining room table with laughter seemed to be a luxury I could not afford. Too busy, not enough time! This time away from Bayview allowed me to see that some issues I deemed as important may not be that important after all! I would prefer being able to take time to visit all of my children, who for some reason unknown to me, are scattered across the United States.
What amazed and warmed my heart however were the folks who hearing the weather were concerned for our safety. Sometimes one needs to step away to discover what is really important, friends and family!
The four legged kids have forgiven us for being gone so long, we have returned to our normal routines, with the exception of a job for me!
Last night I was going through paperwork and ran across the email that was sent concerning the Chamber election and the health of the DAC. When I read the email again, it disturbed me as the email disturbed me when I first read it. I am not a sore loser and I gladly acquiesce to who the voters choose to run the Chamber, what bothers me is the last line of the email “Thanks, we can all breath (sic) easier now and be assured the future of the DAC looks very good.” (Grandy) I truly have to wonder what is wrong with having a Chamber of Commerce that is "for business only". (Grandy)
I scratch my head and wonder, just what is wrong with a Chamber of Commerce that supports the local businesses?
After stepping away and taking a break, and with reflection I can say without a doubt that I still support a business only Chamber and yes the DAC needs to either go away or be re-organized!

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