Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring or is it?

My bulbs are finally starting to come up and I think it is spring but not completely sure yet. After my frustrating gardening season last year I am leery of planting the vegetable garden but my fingers are itching to get dirty. Never was much for wearing gloves.

I have been pretty busy with work and class work and have ignored my blog. I enjoy writing but there are times my brain is so tired!

I was speaking with a friend this morning who shared with me that folks around town like me better now than say a year ago. Actually I like myself better too! So I guess my decision was not a bad one, the decision to change places of employment. I know I am basically the same person, just not as frustrated and I am certainly glad I no longer have person's in my life that wanted to change me into something I am not, hence the choice to "move on".

Listening to my Sunday program before traveling to CDA the subject concerned why others try to label us. This has given me pause to reflect. Often those who label us are jealous of what we have that they do not have. I had had a conversation several years ago with a friend. I wonder how many of us label a person simply because we do not understand that person or justify our actions because we are jealous of what another person had. This conversation had a profound affect on me, causing me to wonder about how I react to other people in my life. Walking a mile in another person's shoes can be a cliche' but I believe this is a valuable tool to help us understand and accept each other!

Norma Jean

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