Friday, May 27, 2011

July 4th and other "stuff"

Recent updates for those of you who follow my intermittent writings. B.A.B.’s will have a place on the lawn at Bayview Scenic Apartments during the Bayview Days event. Turns out that when Bayview Days first started B.A.B.’s had a booth at Bayview Scenic Motel, Ruby was a member of the organization. I felt the non-profit should have a guaranteed place for their major fund raiser of the year. I thoroughly enjoyed the brief meeting with Barb Balbi, Barb Wilcox, and Cindy Grandy. BAB’s is a local non-profit organization which supports many activities in the community. I have been involved with the American Legion Auxiliary for several years and know that BAB’s helps support the girls in our local communities who are sent to Girl State.

Lakes Highway is supposed to render a decision on the use of Marietta Road for Bayview Days. Seems two entities applied for the same permit. We are so close to the date of Bayviews annual July 4th celebration and no decision has been rendered. In my opinion I feel that the Chamber should back off and allow the other entity to host the event. Certain personalities have expressed the desire to demand specific requirements from the hosting organization. I am trying to wrap mind around this thought process. We as a community decided, I think not to incorporate Bayview, the Chamber of Commerce is not a ruling entity. The Chamber has no governing power. The Chamber is simply a volunteer organization that is supposed to support local businesses, not dictate rules and regulations.

I will quickly add that the current Chamber Board is moving forward in a professional manner. I am impressed, however I still believe that the DAC needs to disbanded or re-organized.

As one drives through town we all see the lack of business. Marinas are not as full as they have been in previous years. Many have commented to me the negative impact of Waterford Marinas and I beg to argue that statement. I know because of my experience that Waterford not only brought business to Bayview, the organization also provided entertainment such as The Blues and Brews. The Buttonhook was a valued addition to our community. Right now it stands empty and forlorn as does The Patio. I also note the condition of the properties located in the middle of our town. Previously I stated while the town of Bayview was sleeping the Grinch stole Christmas. The community was so busy fighting and destroying one personality, another personality acquired more property. I was told the other day that Mr. Holland ripped Bayview apart, no he did not, Bayview residents ripped this community apart and it is time for all of us to start working together to heal this town. This will only be accomplished by letting go of the hatred. We all need to start working together.

The Bay Café will be open Memorial Day and will be open Thursday through Monday, 8am-2pm. Dean has been working by himself through the winter months. He now has help. Come to the Café and enjoy a meal, try the Dean’s Green Chili burrito. Tuesday June 7th Dean will host the monthly Spaghetti dinner. This is an evening of companionship augmented by Judy Gullidges guitar and fantastic voice.

I love Bayview and eagerly enjoy the drive back into town each day.

Till we meet again!


  1. Norma Jean:
    I really do not understand your praise of Mr. Holland. Before such statements are made, please look at the supporting documentation of illegal development that is so convoluted that no one really knows who owns what in Bayview. The residents did not rip Bayview appart, nor did the DAC. A large portion of our community was evicted by Bob and that started the downward spiral of the local economy not the DAC. I would like to remind you that the eviciton was done for illegal development and greed. Say what you want about Chan, but don't be fooled that Bob may not still be involved somehow. They are buddies of the worst kind. Check out the filings at the Assessor's Office. It is all in black in white and I am sure that local and state agencies don't just go around passing out red tags and fines if something illegal is not being done.

    I would also like to point out that the Buttonhook was most successful when Bear and Sandy owned it, long before Bob and Chan. Bob did not bring the Hook to Bayview! He brought division, distrust, anger and illegal activity and created a lawyer's paradise.

    I understand being a company person, but I am sorry, this is walking around with blinders and rose colored glasses on. One would have to be completely blind not to see how Bob has impacted this community and it has not been positive. Chan is Chan. His properties all look the same, junky.

    Wishing Dean the best. Have heard many good comments about Dean's breakfasts. Maybe I will go have lunch sometime. Not much of a breakfast eater.

  2. Dear J,

    My "rose-colored" glasses are a God given gift.
    You are entitled to your opinion the same as I am. I would prefer to view the world as God has directed me to.

    Norma Jean

  3. God also wants you to see reality. It is what it is.

  4. J,

    I much prefer my view than yours. As I stated you are entitled to your opinion and I will not argue with you.

  5. I wanted to clarify something previously posted by an anonymous writer. I know the Buttonhook was successful when Sandy and Bear owned the establishment. I never stated that the business was not. I know Bear and respect him a great deal. My intention and my statement was the Hook was active in previous years, it is not now and neither is The Patio. My intention was not to create more dissention. Bayview has
    experienced enough in the past few years. It is time for Bayview to heal.

    My personal view is just that, my personal view.

    Norma Jean


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