Saturday, March 10, 2012

Instant Replay

Well maybe not instant replay but there will be another public hearing at Lakes Highway on March 12 5:30pm concerning the easement proposed by Scenic Bay Marina and JD's Resort for the Buttonhook liquor license. The Resort license was allowed to expire and with the expiration a new avenue is required.

If you are in favor or against come to the meeting to express your view.

I am not opposed to the "Hook" getting a liquor license but I am concerned at what cost to this request will be to the community and the public. Both entities, the Hook and the Floating need to be operational again.

Norma Jean

Added information to this post:

"Please consider attending this hearing on Monday, March 12th at 5:30 (address below). You may, but do not have to speak. There should be a sign-in sheet where you can state if you are “for”, “against” or “neutral” on the proposal. If you are not able to attend this hearing, please send in a written response to the following email address before Monday evening.
Lakes Highway Commissioners
11341 N. Ramsey Road
Hayden, ID 83835

Lakes Highway District is re-opening the 2/20/12 hearing to exchange title to part of the 5th & Lakeside intersection for an easement.

  • Mr. Chan Karupiah is asking to obtain title to a 10’ wide strip of land between the Buttonhook and Harborview Marina in exchange for a highway easement over the strip.
  • The purpose is to obtain a liquor license for the Buttonhook.
  • The liquor license for the Buttonhook expired.
  • Grandfathering of requirements no longer exists, current license requirements now must be met.
  • The Buttonhook is required to demonstrate it is a Waterfront Resort to be considered for a Liquor License.
  • It is not clear that title to the strip of land will meet all Liquor License requirements. The Buttonhook does not have Littoral rights, boat slips, adequate parking, etc.
  • This seems an issue between the Buttonhook and the Liquor License folks, and should not involve Lakes Highway District.
  • Should Lakes Highway District give the title to a part of 5th & Lakeside in exchange for an easement for a questionable benefit to one business?"

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