Thursday, May 3, 2012

Absent without leave

     I have not accessed my blog much these past few weeks, seems that when we had sunshine I was out trying to make things grow and working in the green house as well as the yard. These past few days have been discouraging but I am sure we will get sunshine! Talking to folks across the country I promise faithfully to send rain their way, we don't want it anymore!

     The Chamber meeting will be this next Tuesday, subjects to be discussed will be many and I hope we will have a great crowd. So far working with the Chamber has been enjoyable for me. Temporarily I now have Wednesdays off so I do not have to worry about staying too late for the meeting.
Donations for the Fireworks are still needed and will of course be discussed at the meeting. We will also be discussing the street light situation. We had hoped more donations for the lights would have come in. So please be at the meeting if you wish your voice to be heard.

     Coming up Memorial Day again we will have the usual Huckleberry/Blueberry Pancake feed. The day of July 4th Dean and I will be making red, white, and blue pancakes, on Labor weekend the Chamber will have another breakfast. The Chamber is also sponsoring 50/50 raffles during the summer month.

     We need volunteers and new people to help and or join the Chamber. We are holding our own but need new ideas and new energy.

     Several lawsuits are occurring in this community. I received an email informing me of such and was contacted by a lawyer asking me for information on one lawsuit. I am not really concerned with how much is being spent on lawyers, etc. as long as it is not my money involved.

Norma Jean

    Dean and I are looking forward to our son's visit during Bayview Daze and will eagerly greet our grand-daughter too. Looking forwarded to both of them having a relaxing time in our beautiful town.

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