Tuesday, May 8, 2012

You vote does count

Vote on May 15, 2012. A levy is proposed for Northern Lakes Fire District/Timberlake on this ballot.

5/15/2012 - May Primary Election

Note that voters will be required to declare their Political Party preference before they are given a Democratic, a Republican or a Non-Partisan ballot for this election. Photo ID is now required to vote in Idaho.
Party ballots in Kootenai County will include candidates for:
 Idaho 1st District Congressman
 One State Senate seat & two State Representative seats in each of the county's 3 Legislative districts
 Kootenai County Commissioner in District 1
 Kootenai County Commissioner in District 3
 Kootenai County Sheriff
 Kootenai County Prosecuting Attorney
Voters will receive a separate ballot for their party's Precinct Committeemen Candidates.
Non-Partisan ballots will include candidates for:
 Idaho Supreme Court Justice
 Appellate Court Judge
 A levy measure from the Northern Lakes Fire Protection District.

Norma Jean

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