Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Just Sayin'!

"You don't even know what the easement is for." (Pesky Poster)
As I previously stated in my blog, no one is against JD's INC getting a liquor license, what we all objected to was the way JD's was going about the "process".  The Chamber did not stop this from happening. Quit blaming others for what you neglected to do yourself, follow your own "processes" and pay for the liqour license on time.
This signage is childish and immature.

By the way we at the Chamber have applications if anyone wants to join!

Norma Jean

Just completed a trip to the Merch, thought I would share that there is poster for a liquor license for sale.

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  1. Good one NJ and perfect summary. Very childish and immature, but look who put it up. When faced with facts, the only way for owners and employees of this company is to go on personal attacks. Their stupidity shows by the attempted insults on you about "the chair". I agree with you REALLY???? WOW!!!! Enjoy whatever chair you choose to sit on :0)


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