Sunday, September 2, 2012

Oh My Gosh

We have all experienced this but the changing of the seasons always takes me by surprise. There is that moment when you look at the sky and know that the season is changing.
My first indication was a gander at my neighbor's aspen trees, my favorite tree, and noticing leaves turning yellow. My other cause for introspect is the color of the sky, this morning the sky held that robin's egg blue hue and I knew fall was around the corner....

It would seem that I am in the fall of my life and quickly getting near my winter. What have I accomplished, not sure other than having an interesting life that I have been blessed to share with my husband and children.

The kids are worried about us but I know that we still have a few good years left. The best thing that ever happened to me was leaving Scenic Bay Marina and the other was volunteering for The Chamber.

I treasure my life here in Bayview but still have some "bucket list" goals to complete.

Take a long trip to Alaska via an RV
Be nearer my great grand children
Fly to the moon
See my Shaklee become a viable  business
Thoroughly enjoy the years that I have left with volunteer work and enjoyment of my home
Keep moving forward in the Spirit of the Lord.

What are your goals?

Norma Jean

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