Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Skip Wilcox

To All, Skip is currently in Kootenai Medical Center recovering from his surgery.
I am posting verbatium from an email I recieved on Skip's recovery;

"Received an update last night and Skip is still holding his own. He will stay in the medically induced coma for another few days. He is off of most medical machines except for the ventilator and that is to help keep the chance of an occurrence for pneumonia down to a minimum. Family reported that they are able to see him a few minutes at a time and when they talk to him, he will squeeze their hand. All good signs. According to my report last night the doctor and the family are pleased with the baby steps.
Please remember that the family has requested no visitors at this time and they will let folks know when it would be appropriate for Skip to see people. Again, If people want to send cards, please send as follows. If someone is in the area of the hospital and want to drop a card, they need to take it to the information desk on the first floor and not go to the unit where Skip is recovering.
Donald "Skip" Wilcox
C/O Kootenai Medical Center
2003 Kootenai Health Way
Coeur D'Alene, ID 83814"

Also verbatium is a posting I received via email from a friend,

"Skip had 2 valves replaced, double bypass and 2 aneurisms repaired."

Get well cards to Skip have been available at the Merchantile check-out counter.

My prayers are with Skip. I have grown accustomed to seeing him out and about. In other words we all miss him.

Regarding Hobart Jenkins and Claire Cosgrove, their decision to move to an assisted living apartment was a private decision. I wish both of them well.

Norma Jean

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