Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hobart Jenkins, news from his family

  Yesterday marked one week that Hobe has been in his new location at Patriots Glen in Bellevue.  His family has been working to get him the care and support he needs. We have scheduled medical evaluations, resulting in a new care plan.  The staff is anxious to help him adjust to his new surroundings. He has little strength in his legs or arms and cannot stand on his own. He gets around in a wheel chair needing assistance to transfer to a recliner or bed. He is hoping to get a power wheel chair so he doesn't have to ask for as much help from staff.  He has at least one family member visiting every day. He lights up when the great grandchildren come to visit. He participates in the all daily activities of the facility so has limited nap time.  His memory is good for a lot of past history but is having trouble with more recent events, like what he had for lunch.  One resident has shown interest in his past, since they have some relatives in common from the St. John area.  As expected he misses his friends in north Idaho.  Hobe loves to watch the Mariners, and a few good movies, but would prefer to have visitors.  His hearing loss is something that we can address now that he is closer to family. He has a new phone number 425-429-6429  this is a land line number not a cell phone, the cell phone was too hard to push the right button.  The phone is next to his chair so he can reach it if he is in his room.  We still need to work on getting him to access voice mail so if you call and don't get him please call back. We will be canceling his cell phone. He does not have an email account at this time.  You can send him a note  via mail at my address:


Hobe Jenkins

c/o  Jim Seiber

3708 295th Ave SE

Fall City, Wa 98024


Thanks,   Jim Seiber

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