Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bayview Daze Parade 2013

Bayview 2013

Another Bayview Daze Parade under our belts and now to enjoy the rest of the weekend …

Many thanks to Marsha Ritzheimer, her son David, and grandson Michael. Also thanks to Tom and Jackie Lloyd. Marsha marshaled all of the permits and corralled extra help with  the Parade. We had a couple of glitches and bumps along the way but all in all a great experience for the participants. Also many thanks to Josh and Tess Center, Steve Inman and of course without a doubt Dean for getting the participants going in the right direction.  The only major glitch for us was wrong information being given concerning the Parade route.

From what I understand in all of the years that the Parade has happened Gary Mac Donald never had the opportunity to see the Parade. This year not only did he see the Parade he was a part of it along with the MacDonald family.

Marsha came over to the house afterwards to make sure Chipmunk and Kokanee were still at home. The two apparently decided to take themselves for a run again. Hope everyone has enjoyed the sun and the bluebird day.
At this moment I do not know who the lucky winner was for the 50/50 raffle.

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