Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 6th 2013 Parade Route

For those of you intending to participate in the Parade here is the Parade route.
We had more planning required this year for the actual route:

The Parade participants will be directed to enter on 1st Street, turn north on Fir St, turn east on 5th St. and then South on Pend Oreille and then East on 4th St. Entrance to Main St on Corbin.

Hope to see you there.

As reported by Herb, the Mac Donald family will be the Grand Marshall's in honor and memory of Jim Mac Donald and all that he meant to Bayview. We will have a great menagerie of participants again this year. Judging and announcing will be again from the balcony of the Merch, the winner of he 50/50 raffle will be announced at the Parade.

By popular demand we will have another 50/50 raffle for Labor Day, prize drawn at the Labor Day Breakfast, $1,000.00 prize, and only 100 tickets.

Norma Jean
Bayview Chamber of Commerce
Member at Large

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