Friday, February 28, 2014

Ethics and giving credit where credit is due!

I remember going through my college years and learning the definition of plagiarism. Plagiarism is a pretty serious offense especially while completing one’s Master Degree which I have done in the not so distant past. To copy someone else words and not give credit where credit is due is a pretty serious offense. Writing was a constant demand of my classes. Ethics is subject matter that is also taught and a value that needs to be retained throughout life.

The Internet has opened the World to us in ways never imagined in years past but with that freedom has also come the temptation to use what others have produced, such as articles, photography, and thoughts. With this massive amount of information in front of us, it is easy to say who will notice? What is the harm? Seems kind of minor in my view, or so you think.

Usually if one takes the time to ask if I can use this article, the writer is willing as long as that author is recognized. I have been reading articles lately for the Bylines and contacted a gentleman about some of his camping articles. When asked if I could use one of his articles he said “absolutely”!  “Please share my words.” There is a lesson there; if you ask most folks don’t mind, just give them the credit they deserve.
Norma Jean

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