Monday, June 30, 2014

The time seems to be flying lately, The Merc is open, Mario’s seems to be doing very well with his business. We have more people in town and finally I think we are about to get sunshine!

Information is flying around Bayview about our upcoming events. 

I am also including information for the Boat Parade which will occur about 9:30ish. Tom Lloyd will be the Parade leader here is the information Tom provided concerning the Boat Parade. In memory of Skip Wilcox let’s make this a grand Boat Parade. Unfortunately I will not be able to see the Boats!

Yup! There will be a boat parade in the Scenic Bay harbor just prior to the fireworks display. Boats will rendezvous on the north side of the bay just west of the slide behind the Lloyd’s green 21’ Custom Weld aluminum boat with the tan canvas top at dusk. The boats will parade along the shore toward the west passing the marinas close aboard on starboard. Please join us. And please decorate your boat and make it awesome.

Norma Jean

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