Sunday, June 8, 2014

Comments what a hoot!

It is always a lot of fun to read comments posted whether on facebook, articles on the Net, or as an example the article generated by the CDA Press. Can't help myself with these comments, speculations are that the poster is probably certifiable. No wondering just who ScaryMaryNorma and LovieDoview is, certainly not Norma Jean and definitely a person with a grudge. The play on words and names .....

These are quotes from the CDA Press:

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FarragutPark or rather silly lockett,
Aren't you the same one that was complaining about Fish and Game when they wanted to clearcut Farragut. It sure looks nice now. Fish will die, lake will be polluted. Glad Chip Corsi ran you off. Now complaining about stumps in Farragut. Why don't you hire Loma Hygine to clean the trash around your rentals. Just do it without permit as you know you can get away with it. Lennis is watching you now - Need more people like you, loma, lennis, yike loo and 3 more of you to think you are the goodie - What is good for me is not good for you. Trash on..
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Waa Waa...Who is this Norma Jean?? She sure knows a lot. She knows which marina is full, which RV camping is full, which restaurant is making money, whose marina is empty.Thanks Norma Jean, I'll be saving my money waiting for these marinas to go out of business. Looks like some good oppurtunity maybe coming up. I wonder how much one of these marina's might be worth? Will $250K buy one - Norma, can you advise?
Norma, can you post a link on the study you quoted on the mountain goats. I sure would love to read it.
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Piece and queit ....Hoodoo mountaion, Squak mountaion.. looks like pretty cheap land, no bars, no amenities no nothing. Piece and quiet sounds like sucks.
I am so glad my bosses motel is booming because of all the activities in Baywoo. 3/4 are drunks that like Al has name written on the bar stool. If no business, motelRv might be closing eh. Guess my house will be forclosed. Good pot/.
Silly talk bull do ..Call FAA, has them shut down...
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Silly in town thinks everything is for herself. Maybe Athol sounds like fun...Quit patronizing the busioness in Baywoo like getting drunk in floatie. Take your shekel to Bolovia. See who is getting the short end of the schick. Enjoy driving dunk.
Once upon a time jolly walker flatso came to town - suddenly he is the local of locals, king of mountain goads. When he sheets, it's all golden. Look under the sheet, it is a con of worm. Go back to east coast. Look at history - Bayview is not a queit town
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I ammm afraid...of my shodow, the NSA... the government... short fat guy. Why!..Why! I ask
? maybe Utah or rather I should move back to the jungle of Colaroda gods pot smoking bastardland.
Maybe should quit me motel cleaningjob.

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