Monday, July 28, 2014

Firework Process

Helping just one day for the Fireworks set up was a real eye opener for both Dean and myself. We truly enjoyed being part of the team that makes the display actually happen. Many people in Bayview do recognize the amount of volunteer time that goes into the 20 minute display that everyone loves to watch and photograph.

Unfortunately Dean and I had prior commitments so we could help the other two days that are part of the display. There were 18 folks who worked the first day to load the tubes for the shells. Each tube had to bb unloaded, scraped to remove tags from previous displays, “boxes” put together, sand hauled to the boxes, the tubes placed in the correct order for synchronizing of the shells, and then the remainder of the sand hauled to fill the boxes. The second day would be loading the shells and setting up for the display, the last day is a reversal process.

Dennis, Sue and Kevin are the primary volunteers. Dennis told me he has been doing  this for close to 12 years.
People that need to hear thank you:
Loading the barge:
Rick and Donna Haynes
Norma Jean and Dean Knowles
Sue and Dennis Damon
Mark Duclos
Kevin Elmore
Sheriff's Deputy and workers.

Saturday, placing shells and 
wiring the tubes:
Jim Berube
Mark Duclos
Kevin Elmore
Mick Nereavy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Trevor Savage                                      
Unloading the Barge:
Bob Prince
Sue and Dennis Damon
Kevin Elmore
Sheriff's Deputy and workers
Next year when you and your guest rest your chin on your folded hands and exclaim with "ooo and aw" remember the folks that volunteered to put together the show that delights so very many folks.
I am honored to continue the tradition that started many years ago by folks who wanted their families to have a "good ole fashioned 4th of July" celebration.
Bayview is known to have the best, most consistent fireworks display in the Inland Northwest. This could not happen without ALL of the people who took the time to share part of their lives to keep this tradition going!


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