Sunday, October 12, 2014

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As some of you know and some who don't know I have been using Shaklee products since the early 1970's. Shaklee was green before the term became popular and we live in a home that is about as chemical free as I can make it. We use everything from the shampoos, to laundry detergent, to deodorant, to soy products, to food supplements. While both of us are not completely issue free, I can honestly say that I do not use any medications.

Shaklee has some honest to goodness, down right decent products and two newest products in their line of supplements are "Mindworks" and "Blood Pressure". All Shaklee products go through rigorous testing, the products are organic, and you can find a list of studies on the Shaklee website. Supplements are cold processed, which means the good stuff is still intact, and the ingredients for the supplements are grown certified organic. (I am blessed to have the Internet for my reading and research. Organic foods contain more vitamins and no chemicals which essentially is better for us, There are those who are now asking why labeling products organic causes the cost to go up, why can't we charge more for the products that are chemically enhanced? It is a puzzlement to me.)

Anyway I do have a website, I do have customers and I have used the products for over 43 years. If anyone is interested give me a call. 208-683-1980 or use my website
Give me call!

Norma Jean

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