Saturday, December 25, 2010


I look outside today at the gray sky while we wait for a winter storm to hit here in the Ashington DC area. I am fine with snow as long as I can leave the area on Tuesday as planned!

Being with my family again is a blessing. Cooking for the teen-age boys and my son-in-law is healing. A whole batch of chocolate chip cookies disappeared in one evening. I guess that is what happens when one has three teen-age boys around.

I want to wish everyone a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year.

My thoughts and prayers go to all those who were affected by the recent tragedy in Bayview. Linda and Dave take care of your daughter, the same thoughts go to Michael Heath and his recent loss. To Yvonne and Jedidiah, I also send my thoughts and prayers. To Katie and Eva too.

Merry Christmas to all, oops Santa just arrived! Got to go.

Norma Jean

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