Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Directions

I have not written for quite awhile in my blogspot, I do not seem to be as prolific as others are. Seems this has become a time for reflection and the choice of a new direction.

Through the words of a friend I have found comfort and peace through the words of another. I travel to Coeur d' Alene in the morning to my new place of employment. At this time in my life this place of work seems to be where I should be. I love the fact that I can report to my desk, start taking calls, get two breaks and a lunch. When I leave I turn my computer off and there the machine sits and waits until I return the next day. I find that my work stays right where it should, in Coeur d' Alene. At first I thought I was simply lucky to be offered the position I now have but through the course of the past weeks I have come to believe that I am exactly where He wants me to be for right now. One door closed through my volition and another opened probably by His hand.

I find myself listening to Victoria Olsteen while driving to work. Her words help smooth the hours at work and I find her thoughts, ideas, and beliefs to be refreshing and renewing. I also read the words written by Joel Osteen finding solace in his brand of Christianity. I know I promised not to bring religion into my conversations but I find myself compelled to share the joy that these two people have brought into my life.

This gift was given to me by a dear friend. So I thank you again.

The horror of the Japanese disaster slowly unfolds. I want to do something to help those people but am not sure exactly what I should do. If I asked the community of Bayview would they once again reach in their pockets to help? The organization I work for has a link on their website for donations, Shaklee also is assisting through their Shaklee Cares group. I assisted a customer yesterday who wanted to donate her rewards to the cause. She started crying when we spoke about the tragedy. Somehow, someway we have all been touched.

... and I read a posting in a blogspot, someone complaining about the folks who may or may not be taking advantage of our local food banks. "The closest thing to the heart of God is helping hurting people" (Osteen)
We have no business judging others, we have no idea what they are feeling or experiencing. Offering our hand to help a person up usually does not hurt us. I would rather be closer to God's heart than guarding what He has given me.

To answer a question that some of you may be asking, yes I did indeed file a small claim in Kootenai Court naming my former place of employment.

I will attempt to be more in touch with my blogspot, still not exactly who is reading except for Linda.

Norma Jean

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  1. Yes, I do read your blog along with Herb's. Glad to hear new job is working out! Think of you often! Take care!


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