Sunday, September 11, 2011

Final Class and end of summer

Wow, I have been taking classes for so long now that I have finished my last class for my last degree I do not quite know what to do with myself. I find me wandering through the house with no real purpose, actually completing book that I have longed to finish reading.

Dean is putting together an area in the garage so I can work on my stained glass projects again. Many projects and lots of beautiful glass for me to play with. The last project was a bear free form for my son-in-law. That project ended being completed in my laundry room because it was so horribly cold that year. I could not work in my room because the glass kept shattering. I have a pattern that I promised to complete for my daughter, it seems that other projects always take first place.

I finished reading "The Help" today. The book was mentioned at the last 55+ dinner we attended, which by the way the next dinner is September 14 at the Community Center starting at 5:30pm. Having lived in Alabama during the era that book was written about brought memories to me. I can remember the "white and colored" drinking fountains in the court house and the colored maid my next door neighbor had. I also remember being taught that the nigras were really lucky that the white people took care of them during slavery days. I also remember hints of the KKK. James Brown, The Shades of Blue, and Aretha Franklin. What was written on the pages of The Help is poignant but I believe this book does not fully grasp the feeling of those days. Great book I recommend the reading of it.

The Chamber meeting is on Tuesday. This should be a lively meeting as the Chamber is discussing next years Bayview Daze and the street lights.
I had a comment made to me from a person that lived in the Seattle area concerning the mess we had with this years Bayview Daze. This comment really upsetme  because it seems that other comments have been made concerning the late decision that the Chamber had no control over.   I want whoever reads my blog to know that what occurred this year was in no way the fault of the current board, they simply inherited the issue and could not move forward since Lakes Highway refused to issue a permit until the two parties involved came to an agreement. The current board for the Bayview Chamber have done an outstanding job dealing with the issues that have come before them.

Show up for the Chamber meeting and help us decide how we are going to proceed next year for the July 4th celebration, a tradition that needs to continue as a Chamber function.

God Bless Everyone!

Norma Jean, Dean, and all of the four-legged critters

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