Friday, August 26, 2011

Herb, the MAN and Yvonne

Herb Huseland stepped up to the plate again last week and drove Yvonne over to Seattle for medical care. He thought that they would be able to leave as soon as the plate was removed from Yvonne's wound and she was well enough to travel. Alas that was not the case. Herb has been fighting bureaucracy over in the Seattle area with both Yvonne and himself being held hostage until the respective entities could figure out how to provide care for Yvonne.
Herb was quickly running out of money and patience. I tried to enlist some assistance Wednesday night but that did not materialize. This afternoon I located some postings from Nan to Herb on his blogspot and I contacted Nan. Her response was:

"I made lots more calls for Herb yesterday and Yvonne is checking into Life Care in CdA for a few weeks so she can have her antibiotics administered by a skilled nursing facility. She should be there in a few hours. Herb is a saint...but he was really getting fed up with all of the BS he was being fed. Cannot blame him ! Anyhow they were on their way home at 1:30 when I talked to him."

You can follow his experience on his blog

I am sure we will hear more from him but I wanted to thank Nan for helping in this very difficult situation.

Say what you will but I truly admire Herb for taking the time to help this lady again.

Norma Jean and Dean

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