Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving and all of that stuffing!!

Dean and I just returned from an early Thanksgiving celebration with two friends from our Scenic Bay employment days. The food was fantastic, the setting beautiful, and the company interesting. The patriarch of the family gave thanks before we had dinner. I am as always reminded that I have plenty to be thankful for. I have a loving family, a roof over my head, a fantastic husband, and most importantly a job that I enjoy, I get paid too!

One of our very close friends finally returned from a five month stay in California. We are grateful that they are finally home. After many surgeries and close calls, Bill and Donna were finally able to return to Idaho just in time for the SNOW! Seriously I am pleased that so many folks are a blessing in my life, this includes Bill and Donna.

We will be going over to the Community Center to help with the Thanksgiving Dinner. The dinner is free to those in the Community, the meal starts at 2:00pm.

I am running for Member at Large for the Chamber of Commerce. Voting is December 13th, maybe I will be ousted by a write-in candidate again this year. Or with my luck I will be voted in.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving to all.

Norma Jean and Dean

Thought I would add a little note seems I have a follower who likes to take shots at my friends.
I removed their comments because I felt it was inappropriate.

My credibility shot, who cares?
I am just a resident in this lovely town.


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  4. If you want to be a resident,
    just be a resident and don't get yourself messed up with the wrong people or bs politics. You'll be fine.


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