Tuesday, November 29, 2011


This Saturday we are taking a short journey to a small city in Washington. We think we have located another "Sibe" that needs a home. After losing Buddy, we decided that we probably needed to have another dog to drive us nuts. Wish us luck on this new endeavor. Hopefully we will be returning with a new pal for Chipmunk.

My dear friend in Sagle had to temporarily give up her dog rescue. She poured her heart into her dogs but at this time needs to take a break. My friend was involved in rescuing the Huskies from Alaska about a year. This was an extremely big project. I have learned through experience that there are plenty of four legged friends that need our help too. Adopt a rescue animal, they usually are very grateful.

The cats discovered the Christmas tree today. Dean came into the living room to find the tree on its side and the cats racing to hide. It is all a learning experience. Both Sugar and Bo have been a delightful addition to our lives.

Chamber is election is in December.

I have heard that the Thanksgiving function was a rousing success. We elected to stay home with our friends who joined us for a delightful afternoon.

Coming up will be the LOU. I believe this is a great function. I applaud all of those who are working so hard to make this a success and I wish them well.

Also if you read bayview.blogspot the author has a story about Eldon at Mr. Tire and Eldon way of giving back to the community.

Norma Jean

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