Friday, December 23, 2011

Farragut Logging

After several conversation and permission from Harvey Brannigan I am posting this letter that has been sent out via email. I felt the subject warranted a closer view:

"Farragut State Park
There are many wonderful ways to spend a day in northern Idaho and a trip to Farragut State Park is certainly among them. We don’t need Frederick Olmstead to design a Central Park for us. Mother Nature did all the heavy lifting. Farragut is truly a unique place. It is both beautiful and historic.
I was troubled recently when my wife and I were hiking near Blackwell Point, one of our favorite vantage points for viewing Lake Pend’Oreille. A large “swat” had been clear cut below the lookout and continued toward the cabins just beyond the Willow day use area.
I had been told that the area might be thinned in a manner similar to that which recently happened in other parts of the park. I expect to see the area “thinned” with the larger trees left standing. This was not the case. Every tree had been cut and removed.
I am not averse to logging. I am concerned, however, when the Park’s beauty is degraded and the ecosystem currently home to dozens of seasonal eagles is disturbed so that Idaho Fish and Game can generate revenue from their property.
I am aware that IF&G is funded solely by the licenses they sell with no moneys coming from the Idaho State general funds. They are desperate to generate revenues but there are prescriptions and directives regarding logging practices within the park. Wouldn’t it have been “nice” if IF&G followed these prescriptions?
Wouldn’t it be “nice” if there were a citizens committee composed of people interested in park related issue? The committee needn’t have any binding capacity but could exist strictly to discuss the publically owned park openly so that we can eliminate the need for any further litigation which only harm all parties and certainly make future events more dubious?
If you are concerned about Farragut State Park please go and see the sight that is currently being logged by IF&G near Blackwell Point and/or contact the following people list below with your opinion(s).
Harvey Brannigan
Call or email:
Terry McDermott – Panhandle Regional Commissioner
Sharon Kiefer – Boise Deputy Director (programs and policies)
Chip Corsi – Supervisor IF&G
David Leptich – Regional Wildlife Habitat Biologist
Randall Butt – Farragut State Park Manager

Norma Jean

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  1. Like they say " Do as I say and not do as I do"



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