Sunday, December 25, 2011

Odds and Ends

I noticed an article in the Coeur d’ Alene Press dated December 24, 2011.  Seems there is a thief or thieves taking items out of mail boxes.  While visiting my friends on Parks Road for a fantastic Christmas dinner, a tradition we have enjoyed for several years, the same subject came up.  Seems there is the same thing occurring in the rural area of Athol.  Opened mail has been found opened and  lying on the ground.  The authorities were called but no report was taken.  Guess the folks living in the country are not as important as those living in the city!  Hmm. Watch your mail boxes.  Times are tough.

Well the election occurred without incident for the Chamber of Commerce.  After last year’s staggering attendees, the 8 that showed up for the meeting decided to vote for the slate of officers’.  So, Norma jean was elected as the Member at Large, Vic Woolever as Vice President, and Ken Saunders will continue as the Treasurer.  The ensuing months will be interesting and Norma Jean obviously ignored the threat to stay out of the local politics.

Dean greeted me with the statement “since you are the one who does all of the baking …” On Saturday I made the traditional cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning, as well as a small apple pie and two pumpkin swirl cheesecakes.  Dean’s job was to make the family Christmas Eve dish of Duppa.  My family was Swedish and my memories were having a cup of coffee (with lots of milk) and fresh out of the oven cinnamon rolls after we arrived at Grandmother’s house in Buhl Minnesota.  Duppa was a soup made from the drippings of the various roasts that were made in preparation for Christmas Day, a day by the way that was considered holy.  The broth has various sausages as well, crusty fresh bread was served, rice pudding, and for dessert we always had apple pie.  While we were eating Santa would bring our presents, Christmas Eve dinner was always served in the kitchen.  Santa needed the privacy of the living room.  After dinner we opened our presents.

This is a tradition that has been carried on with our family and our children.

We did not travel to see our children this year but I keep getting messages from my daughter about how she really misses not having us around for Christmas, actually I think they all miss the baking I do for the holiday.

We hope that everyone had a blessed Christmas with your family.

Next is the tradition we picked up while in Georgia – black-eyed peas, collard greens, southern corn bread and ham hocks!

Chipmunk escaped again this evening, she runs around in a 5 acre radius. She eventually decided to walk back home with me. She is not dangerous just likes to take herself for a run upon occasion. We cannot seem to break her of this bad habit. So if you should happen to see a white Siberian Husky someday just tell her to go home. She is a wonderful dog, just likes her freedom upon occasion!

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