Monday, July 9, 2012

Bayview Daze Parade

Thanks for a little help from my friends I survived the Parade. Learned a great deal, so glad I had my children here to help!

The winners for the Parade are:

Most Patriotic
Disabled American Veteran's


1st Place Bayview Mercantile
2nd Place Ralph's Coffee Cafe
3rd Place Bitter End Marina


1st Place Friends of Farragut
2nd Place Lake Pend Oreille Yacht Club
3rd Place Timberlake Fire Protection District

1st Place Kazoos
2nd Place Kids of America - Ben Couper
3rd Place 4 Generation Bennett Family


1st Place Military Officers Assn. of America
2nd Place Cooties
3rd Place General George Patton's Command Car

1st Place Farragut Base Submarine Vets
2nd Place Lonesome Pine Ranch
3rd Place Wooden Boats- BK Wick


1st Place Smith Mobile - Michelle Smith
2nd Place Longmeadow Farm Family - Trish King
3rd Place PDIA from Athol
Just so everyone knows I am the Member at Large for the Chamber as well as THE former manager for Scenic Bay Marina! (If you dare read Herb's blogspot, I can't resist.)
All of the Parade pictures went home with my daughter, however she is making a disk for me so I can share her perspective.
Norma Jean

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