Friday, July 20, 2012

Just Where Are the Sirens Going?

Just Where Are the Sirens Going?

After the torrential down pour today (I left my car windows open at work) and the thunder/lightening, hydroplaning on the freeway, we settled down to a comforting meal this evening this evening that of course Dean had cooked! Love my personal chef in so many ways. Pretty soon we heard sirens that seemed to be going all over Bayview.

Turns out a party barge was beached near the cement factory on the other side of the Lake. The Sheriffs department responded, as well as the Fire Department and the Navy as well. All occupants of the barge were brought back safely to Bayview. The barge apparently was taking on water but experts believe that the water was from the waves going over the bow of the boat.

All’s well that ends well
Tomorrow come up to the Ice Cream Social held at the Community Center:

Ice Cream Social, Saturday 7/21

Strawberry Shortcakes
Sundaes/Banana Splits
Rootbeer Floats

Profits to benefit the Bayview Community Center

Norma Jean

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