Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Red, White, and Blue Pancake Feast July4th

Today's event was a rousing success!

                           Again I say thanks to all that helped make the event a triumph!
Jackie and Tom Lloyd

                                                              Sue and Dennis Damon

                                                            Marilyn and Paul Stanton

                                                                      Leah and Jay

                                                                 Cindy and George

                                                                    Ken Saunders

                                                                     Skip Wilcox

                                                            Judy and Bruce Robinson

                                                                     Alex Berube

                                                                    Ellie Ronstadt

Elizabeth Mapes

                                                                    Lucas Knowles

This simply proved that Bayview Community is an unbelievable group of people. Dean and I are blessed to be living here. May God shine His light upon you all.

                                           Oh darn and I almost forgot Dean Knowles!

All three of our children will be helping with the Parade this year as well as my grand-daughter Tess!

Norma Jean

(Looky here I spelled everything correctly and got the dates right too! Amazing what spell-check and proof reading can do.)

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  1. Considering you were doing the parade for the first time, It was a great success. I used to do road guard duty and let me tell you, there have been monster screwups in the past. I salute you.


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