Sunday, June 16, 2013

Thank you from Jamie

I would like to personally thank the community of Bayview on behalf of Skip's family for all that was done to celebrate Skip on Friday evening, May 31st and on Saturday, June 1st. 

On Friday evening, after a windy day, the waters calmed and there were approximately 18 boats that participated in the ceremonial boat ride down to Button Hook and over to Echo Bay.  As the "Peaceful Warrior" left MacDonald's, there was a large grouping of clouds that formed the letter "S" in the sky above.  At Button Hook, an eagle flew above Skip's boat and nestled in the trees watching the parade.  At Echo Bay, goats were visible on the cliffs.  Boats shut down to pause at Echo Bay and "Sweet Silver Dreams" with Dave Braunberger at the helm, played “Taps”.  Deanna Henderson and Dietmar Kruger sang "Amazing Grace" and some joined in song.  The sound in the bay was incredible.  According to Wendy Costello, there were also folks from the community on the shoreline around Cape Horn watching us all and one couple let some balloons go into the air.  It could not have been a more perfect evening.  Thanks to all who participated and thanks to Kevin Elmore for driving the “Peaceful Warrior”.

Saturday, June 1st was just as beautiful.  Thanks to Chuck Murray and Paul Stanton for raising the flag.  Everyone said the Pledge of Allegiance and thanks to Judy Gullidge for singing “The Star Spangled Banner”.  Family addressed those in attendance and a wonderful and very emotional video followed.  Others spoke of memories of Skip.  Thanks to all who brought a snack to share as the amount was perfect with not much left over.  Thanks to Chuck Murray and Dennis Damon for lowering the flag and Alexis Berube for playing “Taps” on her trumpet for Skip as the flag was lowered and the ceremony came to a close.  Thanks to Tom Lloyd for running the sound and video system.  Thanks to Jackie Lloyd and her assistant for cleaning up the Center. I am sorry that I did not catch her name.

I am sure there are many more of you that helped with setting up chairs and tables as well as taking them down, which was much appreciated.  Thanks to those that made sure the snack table was stocked as needed.  Thanks to those that donated to the food bank with either a financial contribution or by bringing a food item that was taken to the Athol, Bayview, Careywood Food Bank.  I sincerely apologize if I missed someone, but just know that all of the efforts by so many were very greatly appreciated and it was a great tribute to Skip.

God Bless and Hugs to All.

Jamie Berube 

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