Sunday, June 16, 2013

To Steve and Deb

I started this blog in answer to some frustrations I personally had and a willingness on my part to express my feelings and thoughts. Somewhere along the line I lost touch with what I like to do most. I find at the end of the day there are not enough hours left to do all that I want to accomplish. Frankly by the time I finished my MBA my brain seemed to fried. I also discovered that I was comparing my writing to others, finding my writing lacking. I am pretty sure and positive that I do not write as well as others but feel the need to start expressing myself again.

My blog seems to have become a place where we have notices and such about the community. While I enjoy this aspect of my blog, I have lost something in the transition, me.

Dean and I recently had the pleasure of being with family in Virginia to celebrate our youngest grandson’s graduation. It was a glorious event for both of us. I was there the day Jake first came into the world, I was also there the time we almost lost Jake to an asthma attack. I decided this probably was a significant enough event for us to attend.

During the week I came to appreciate my son-in-law Steve more than ever. He has always been a welcome addition to the family. I see now, that he has matured and grown just as his son Jake has. Jake of course, accomplished what he has because of Steve, who while not Jake’s biological father, has taken the task of fatherhood,  guiding Jake to young adulthood.

We lived in Savannah Georgia for two years. I had a very close and dear friend and her husband who shared  frogmore stew, oyster roasts, Thanksgiving BBQ’s, frogs in the pool, laughter, children, Christmas and burned pralines. Deb also shared a common bound with me that has lasted through many years. Determined Deb decided to find us while she was in Colorado Springs one year, traveling to Cripple Creek only to discover we had moved to North Idaho. The week spent in Virginia granted me the wish of seeing Deb and Dana once again. All of us have changed but as has been said before the years did not seem like years but only yesterday. Deb and I talked as friends do, again there did not seem enough time to say all that we needed or what we  wanted to say. But as usual, Deb pushed me as she frequently does. So here I am writing this post for all to see.

I am so very blessed in so many ways, life tangles us in its web and we forget that we need to live not simply exist.
Norma Jean

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